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Play-offs in Latvia – 07.03.2016

The Women’s regular season ended last weekend and the semi-finals start this week. In the Men’s league the quarter-finals are almost settled.

Lielvarde & Rubene

Elvi Liga Men
Lielvarde played an impressive regular season and gathered 58 points. The next five teams had 41-45 points. Ulbroka/FS Masters came second before Mogo-RTU Rockets and Rubene. The reigning champion Lekrings (photo on left) finished fifth in the regular season. Kekavas Bulldog took the 12th and last place with nine points.

The quarter-finals in Latvia are played with a best out of seven system. Mogo-RTU Rockets were the first to secure their place in the semi-finals by defeating FBK Valmiera/VIA four times in a row. Lielvārde followed soon after by winning FK Kurši (4-1) and Ulbroka/FS Masters also won FK Rīga (4-1). Rubene and Lekrings are still battling for the last semi-final place.

Source and more info: www.floorball.lv/lv/2015/chempionats/vv

Elvi Liga Women
The reigning champion Rubene won the regular season with 52 points. Only one point behind was last season’s silver medallist FK Kekava (photo on right). The other teams were already further away. FK NND came third with 32 points and Rigas Lauvas took the last semi-final spot with 20 points. Kekavas Bulldogs stayed under the play-off line with only a one point difference. Last came LiepU with six points.

The semi-finals will be played with a best out of seven system. The first matches are played 12.3.
Semi-final pairs:
Rubene – Rigas Lauvas
FK Kekava – FK NND

Source and more info: www.floorball.lv/lv/2015/chempionats/sv

Photo: www.floorball.lv