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Kurronen new women’s coach in Finland – 23.02.2016

Lasse Kurronen has been chosen as the new women’s national team head coach in Finland.

Marko Paju is no longer the women’s national team coach in Finland. The Finnish Floorball Fedaration (FFF) elected Lasse Kurronen as the new head coach with a 2+2 years´ contract. The 30-year-old Kurronen has gained experience from the Finnish top league Salibandyliiga. The last three years he has been the head coach of the Women’s league team NST and has been with the team for many years before. He has also been a part of the Women’s U19 coaching staff since 2014.

Kurronen is pleased with his new job:
- It’s going to be a challenging but interesting job. And when I got a moment to think about it, it’s a job I couldn’t say no to.

FFF’s Elite Sport Manager and Finland’s Men’s national team coach Petri Kettunen states that Kurronen will be a cooperative and motivated coach who will develop the big picture. Kurronen describes himself as a committed and demanding coach:
- I want to have the coaching staff and the players working for a common goal. I also aspire to be logical and fair. I trust my intuition a lot during a game, but in between the games I analyse the events deeper.

Kurronen also states that it’s not a one man show:
- The coaching staff and management will be built together with Kettunen. It’s important to also have the right “players” in the staff.

Kettunen and Kurronen both think an important part of the women’s head coach’s job is to cooperate with the club coaches, sports academies and key players:
- Lasse’s input as a head coach will be used across all levels of women’s and girl’s floorball development, so we get more boost into female floorball, says Kettunen.

Source: http://floorball.fi/uutiset/liigan-uutiset/lasse-kurrosesta-salibandynaisten-uusi-paavalmentaja/
Photo: Jari Turunen