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NY Islanders & Generation Floorball Project in Brooklyn – 23.02.2016

The New York Islanders, Generation Floorball and Millennium Development introduce floorball to hundreds of students in Brooklyn, USA.

The New York Islanders will bring floorball to eight different elementary and middle schools that are located in Brooklyn. The programme started last week and will last for eight weeks. Over 400 children will have the opportunity to play floorball after their regular school hours. They will be thought the basics such as the rules as well as the needed skills to play the sport.

Generation Floorball is the overall coordinator of the program and supplies the equipment, know-how and customized training solutions that will be implemented throughout the outreach initiative.
- This is truly a beneficial and unique program that we are launching in the upcoming weeks. Not only will the program support the growth of hockey and its culture here in Brooklyn, it will also ensure that students stay active, healthy, and engaged in a fun activity. We are very excited to be a part of this new outreach initiative, said Daniel Palm, Project Leader of the program.

The program participants have been recruited from existing Millennium Development sponsored programs. The Brooklyn based community organization also supplies the facilities and instructors for the program.
- As a Brooklyn born & raised, lifetime Islanders fan, this opportunity of having indoor hockey introduced to our youth participants in elementary & junior high after-school programs, will help grow hockey within our culturally enriched community. Our kids are so happy to learn Brooklyn´s fastest growing sport, said Paul Curiale, Executive Director of Millennium Development.  

Page of Millennium Development: www.milldev.org/
Page of Generation Floorball: www.generationfloorball.com
Page of the New York Islanders: www.newyorkislanders.com

Source and more information: www.gfloorball.com/news
Photo: New York Islanders Facebook