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Andreas Lundmark continues as women´s head coach in Sweden – 22.02.2016

The Swedish women’s national team coach Andreas Lundmark has signed a new two-year contract. Now the focus will be on further development of both individuals and the national team.

In 2013 Andreas Lundmark took over as coach of the women´s team. The aim was to take the fifth consecutive World Floorball Championships gold. In December 2015 this goal was reached, when Sweden won the WFC final against Finland in a penalty shootout thriller in Tampere.

For Lundmark this was not enough and now he has signed a new two-year contract.
- I really want this. It´s great fun, and maybe the best job you can have. I was new to this when I stepped in two years ago, it felt like I started at square one. Now I can start at square five, it is a huge difference. Now I have more experience, I know what I want and what we need to do to develop further. There is still much work to be done.

Lundmark says that he has created a good relationship with both the players and officials during the two years. But he believes that he still has more to give.
- It´s all about getting more out of each individual. I want to maximize the players’ performance. We have not fully succeeded in this, even though we won the gold.

Will we see new players in the national team in the future?

- Absolutely. At the same time, the squad we elect is the one we believe in during that moment. This will be the focus. If a player is chosen, we believe that the player should be in the team. There are very exciting names that begin to take or have already taken the decisive steps, or will take the final step to the WFC in two years.

The next time the women´s team get together is in the Euro Floorball Tour (EFT), April 22 to 24. When they face Finland, Czech Republic and Switzerland in the Göransson Arena in Sandviken, Sweden.
- It will be the first EFT at home for me. It feels great and it´s close to my home too. It was a good organised event when the men were there last year.

Joakim Lindström, the National Team Director, is pleased with Lundmark´s decision.
- Continuity is something we value highly when it creates confidence and a clear expectation for the entire project. There are high demands for being the head coach of a Swedish national team and Andreas has during his first two years proved that he is the right person for the job. He is a modern leader who makes the environment grow, he says and adds:

- In addition to our goal of winning championships our ambition is to constantly strive towards developing our sport. Andreas is innovative and clear about what it takes to play in the Swedish national team. This means that we are well positioned to continue being the best team in the future.

Facts about Andreas Lundmark
Age: 41
Clubs as player: Borlänge SK, IBF Hedemora, Haninge IBK, Storvreta IBK, IBF Falun, Borlänge IBF.
Clubs as coach: Six years in IBF Falun women and men 2007-2013, two years in the Swedish women´s national team 2013-, coach of F03/04 and F07/08 in IBF Borlänge.
Merits as coach: Swedish championships: 3 bronze, 1 silver, 1 gold and one World Championships gold.

Photo: Per Wiklund
Source & more information: www.innebandy.se