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WFCQ 2016 Americas: Final Day – 14.02.2016

Comparing to the games played during the last two days in the WFCQ 2016 Americas the game of the last day had totally different speed. Both USA and Canada had already secured their spots in the WFC Final Round in December, but this game would decide, which of the teams would win the Americas qualification.

USA started fast and they were able to create several goal scoring situations during the first minutes of the game. It was not easy for Canada to try to stop the powerful Americans. But Canada held, even though the Americas had a power play. Canada had very hard time to find a way to be able to start to play their own game.

At 7.49 Randall Aa from team USA finally scored the first for the Americans with a shot from a short range right into the upper corner. Maybe the first goal for USA was what the Canadians needed, because they also got back to the game and were able to proceed with their own game plan.

11.42 and Bill Petrie got the ball in a good position and didn’t hesitate to use the chance and took a shot, first goal for team Canada. Shortly after that Team Canada was offered a power play, but the only outcome of that was few moments later a penalty shot for the Americans, without any success and the score was still even 1-1 as it was in the end of the first period.

Team Canada had a flash start for the second period, only three seconds and Canadians scored the 2-1 lead. The game became quite static after that, both teams having their moments, but not that many shots towards the goals from either of the teams.  33.58 USA after a very nice pattern scored the second, but as so often, the moment after the scored goal, the other takes the advantage and Canada’s revenge came only ten seconds later and 3-2 for Canada.

The Canada lead held till the end of the second period and there would be a very interesting last period in order to find out who the winner of this group would be. USA put a lot of pressure on the Canadian defense to make the score even and pass the team Canada. 46.08 Canada increased the pain for USA by scoring their fourth.

Seven minutes before the end, USA came back to the game by scoring their third and just a bit more than minute from that at 54.30 the Americans scored the fourth. At 55.53 Spencer Ridgewell took a ball from US defender, made his way to the goal and surprised the American goalie by removing the ball to the upper corner. Important goal for team Canada. One minute later Cameron Buck scored the sixth for Canada and that was the straw wich broke the camel´s back even though USA played the last minutes without the goalie and scored one more.

The 6-5 victory secured that Canada was number one in the WCQ 2016 Americas.

Best Players:

USA: Alexander McVey
Canada: Taylor Retta-Shipp

Final Standings in the WFCQ 2016 Americas

  Canada Qualify
  USA Qualify