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WU19 Internationals Weekend results – 09.02.2016

The Women’s Under 19 World Floorball Championships is getting closer. Some teams played against each other during the Internationals Weekend.

All together seven different WU19 national teams had games during the Internationals Weekend 5-7.2. Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Poland and Switzerland took part in the Polish Cup in Zbaszyn and Rakoniewice, Poland. Finland and Sweden played against each other in Espoo, Finland.

In both of the tournaments teams got two points for a win, one for a draw and an extra point if they won the penalty shots. A penalty shot competition was held after each match, regardless of the result.

Czech Republic won the Polish Cup with ten points. Switzerland came second with seven points and right behind them was Norway with six points. In Espoo, Finland and Sweden both got three points and the tournament ended in a draw.

Polish Cup Results:

1.CZE WU19430137-810
2.SUI WU19430130-127
3.NOR WU19421115-166
4.GER WU19411210-304
5.POL WU19400410-363

FIN-SWE Challenge Results:

Match Schedule - Women U19
06.02.15:00Int´l Match: FIN WU19 - SWE WU195-5
07.02.12:00Int´l Match: FIN WU19 - SWE WU191-4

Match Statistics

The Women’s Under 19 World Floorball Championships is played 4th - 8th May 2016 in Belleville, Canada. The official event page: www.floorball2016.ca