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WFCQ 2016 EUR 3: Day 4 – 06.02.2016

Spain was more efficient than Great Britain and got their first points. Switzerland’s fast paced playing style was too much for Poland.

Both Great Britain and Spain were still without points. According to the rankings, Great Britain was the underdog. From the beginning the match was fast paced. Both teams clearly wanted the two points. Spain was the first to score at 3.46, but Great Britain followed less than three minutes later with a power play goal. In the end, Spain was stronger and led the game 4-2 after the first period.
The start of the second period was dictated by Spain and they were soon leading 6-2. Finally Great Britain got their head in the game and decreased the score to 6-4. They also scored the first goal in the third period when Staffan Taylor got a chance to score by penalty shot.  The less time there was in the match clock, the more intense the game became. Great Britain even tried to play without a goalkeeper in order to tie the game. Unfortunately for them it didn’t work and Spain sealed the deal with three more goals.
Spain won the game 9-5. They were better with the ball and even had more ball control throughout the game. Great Britain might have had a bit of bad luck, because they had a lot of excellent scoring chances, but didn’t succeed.

Best players:
#61 Frei Jake (GBR)
#17 Peduzzi Fernandez Christian (ESP)

One could’ve thought that when a floorball giant Switzerland (ranked 3rd) would meet Poland (ranked 14th), that the result of the match would be clear after the first period. Poland surprised the Swiss right in the beginning when Mateusz Kowalski scored a beautiful opening goal after two minutes. It took Switzerland nine minutes to score their first goal and only three minutes later Poland scored again, making the crowd go wild. Switzerland’s Manuel Maurer tied the game by scoring on power play. 
The second period was again dominated by Switzerland, but this time they were efficient. They scored seven goals within four minutes. In the third period, Poland was defending better, but still Switzerland was able to score three more goals.
Switzerland won the game 12-3. Poland was trying to keep the goal difference as small as possible in order to get a ticket to Latvia. Their defense and counter attacks worked well during the first period, but Switzerland was a lot stronger in the second period. Switzerland hold the ball for the most of the game and used their fast precise passes to score.

Best players:
#7 Barzowski Karol (POL)
#13 Antener Emanuel (SUI)

After today´s matches, it´s now certain that Germany and Switzerland are proceeding to the Final round of WFC, which is played in Riga, Latvia.

Photo: Katarzyna Politowska