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WFCQ 2016 EUR4: Final Day – 06.02.2016

The interest on the last day in WFCQ2016 EUR4 was mainly which one, Italy or Liechtenstein would take their first victory in this tournament. Czechs had already secured their spot in the WFC Final Round in Latvia and Norway did it today. Slovenia on the other hand, which placed third will have to wait until tomorrow, when the other qualification groups have played their game in order to find out if they’ll be in or not.


Italy scored the first two goals in the game and it looked easy for them. Liechtenstein still was able to score one for them, but after that Italians didn’t have any real problems keeping Liechtenstein behind them. First victory for Italy in this tournament by 8-1.

Best Players
Italy: Thomas Ilmer
Liechtenstein: Claudio Hartmann

Serbia was very tired after the very tough match against Slovenia last night and thus it was really easy day’s work for Norway to win easily 16-0 and start packing their bags for Riga next December.

Best Players
Serbia: Enis Medjedovic
Norway: Glen Evensen

In Slovenians interest was to play as tight game with the Czechs as possible. If not being able to win over Czech Republic, then at least to try to minimize the numbers in order to maintain good goal difference. Maybe also hoping that the Czechs, since secured their spot in the Final Round yesterday would not come so fast against the Slovenians.
Slovenia tried hard, but it was quite clear from the very beginning who the conductor of this game was. Czechs had no problems to take 11-0 victory over a bit tired Team Slovenia.

Best Players
Czech Republic: Tomas Sykora
Slovenia: Anze Burnik

The final standings in EUR4 tournament:

  Czech Republic Qualify
  Norway Qualify

Czech Republic and Norway qualify directly and Slovenia needs to wait until the rest of the European qualifications will be over tomorrow on Sunday.