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WFCQ 2016 EUR 3: Day 3 – 05.02.2016

Switzerland crushed Great Britain 23-0 and doubled their points. Poland’s victory streak was ended by Germany.

Photo:Katarzyna Politowska

Great Britain faced Switzerland in the first match of the day. Great Britain was using a similar tactic that Spain was using against Germany. They parked the bus and counted on counter attacks. The fast Swiss were too much for Great Britain and the score was 0-11 already after the first period.
Switzerland was controlling the ball also during the second period, but their passes and shots were a bit shakier than in the first period. Great Britain’s defense was also working better and their goalkeeper Matthew Stellars was working hard to keep the net clean. Still the Swiss were able to score four goals. Switzerland was also successful in the third period where they scored eight goals.
The end score was 0-23. All in all the whole game was controlled by the Swiss. Great Britain had some good scoring chances, but were unable to use them. Their goalkeeper was working full time and blocked 40 shots and two penalty shots, whereas Switzerland’s goalie had 11 saves and one penalty shot.

Best players:
#3 Field Andrew (GBR)
#18 Zurcher Michael (SUI)

Photo: Katarzyna Politowska & Marcin Chudzik

The game the locals had waited for the most was Germany vs Poland. Unfortunately for the home crowd, Poland was a bit shaky in the start and made simple mistakes which Germany used as their benefit. Germany’s Janos Broker was especially efficient and scored a hat trick within the first ten minutes. After a rocky start Poland found their rhythm and decreased the score to 4-1.
Germany succeeded again in the second period. They scored three goals within 8 minutes and lead the game 7-1. The third period was more even, but in the end Germany was stronger and won the period 4-2.
Match ended 11-3 for Germany. Antoniak Mateusz scored Poland´s all three goals. Poland made small mistakes, which the Germans knew how to use. Germany was also more energetic from the start of the game and seemed to want the ball more than the Polish. It was great to see, that even though Poland was losing by 8 goals at the worst, the home crowd continued their standing ovation.

Best players:
#10 Broker Janos (GER)
#91 Bogdanski Maciej (POL)