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WFCQ 2016 EUR4: Day 4 – 05.02.2016

The first two games of the fourth day in WFCQ EUR4 didn’t offer that many surprises. Norway won against Liechtenstein 20-1 and Czech Republic against Italy 13-0. The real thriller of the day would be the Regional derby between Serbia and Slovenia. The victory would take one of the teams closer to the spot in the Final Round.

Norway played a slow game against Italy and easy 20-1 victory for Norwegians.

Czech Republic was the first team to secure their spot in WFC 2016 Final Round in Riga in December. They will end up either first or second in this qualification group. Czech Republic-Italy, 13-0

The local fans and spectators were naturally waiting for the last game of day four, Slovenia against Serbia. Lot in stake and the winner of the game would still have the possibility to get a place for the Final Round in December.

Two very nervous teams entered the rink and all they had on mind was just to win the game. A draw would not be the best solution for either team. At 3.19 Serbia silenced the home spectators by scoring the first of the game and it took some time for the Slovenians to recover. 7.11 and Slovenia scored the first and few minutes later another goal form them, shorthanded.

Serbia came back and 2-2- after the first period. It seemed that the first period was more or less for testing the other and the second period was watching, passing and watching again what the other will do. As the game went on Slovenia were able to take more initiative and for them that paid off, but one can’t start to secure the victory too early, Serbia scored and 4-3 after two periods. 

In the third period at 55.17 Slovenia scored the 6-3 and after that it started to be clear that Slovenia would eventually take the victory as they then did by 7-3. Everything is still in  Slovenia´s own hands if they manage to win Czech Republic tomorrow.   

Best Players

Slovenia: Miha Pustavrh
Serbia: Peter Novakovic