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WFCQ 2016 EUR4: Day3 – 04.02.2016

Day three in WFCQ EUR4 meant tough game for Czech Republic and Norway. Both had won their previous games and it was time for them to fight, which of the teams eventually would be better. Serbia after the loss yesterday took relatively easy victory over Liechtenstein. Slovenia wins against Italy after a thriller.

The first game of the started slowly and both teams had done their homework pretty well and knew what the other had on mind. A tie after the first period with some spectacular saves, some goal bar hits and towards the end also increasing speed.

At 25.04 Czech scored the first goal and seven minutes later the second one. The score was already 3-0, when the Norwegians got back to the game and scored their first one. After second period 4-1 for Czech Republic. The old fox, Ketil Kronberg scored 2-4 for Norway in the third period, which gave a needed boost for the game.

Czechs still controlled the game and at 50.02 fifth goal for them by Tom Ondrusek. Norway fought as hard as they could, but unfortunately for them that was not enough and Czechs took 5-3 over Norway and is one step closer to finalize their spot in the WFC Final Round.

Best Players
Norway: Daniel Gidske
Czech Republic: Jan Binder

Game number two of the day was quite clear from the very beginning of it even though Liechtenstein scored their first goal in this qualification tournament. Serbia was better with x-x numbers and can start the preparations for the very important game against Slovenia on Friday evening.

Best Players
Serbia: Alexander Milovanovic
Simon Felder

Italy lost to Serbia on the first day of the tournament and their only chance to make it to the final round would have been a victory over Slovenia. On the other hand, the victory for Slovenia would have made their life easier and would give some extra excitement for the match between Serbia and Slovenia tomorrow.

After 18 seconds of play Slovenia scored the first goal and the full house was going crazy. It took six minutes for Italy to recover and score first goal. During the four last minutes of the first period Italy had some very dark moments, while Slovenia scored three goals and took 4-1 lead by the end of the period.

Intermission gave time for both teams to rethink the game plan and second period in general was very cautious playing, basically avoiding any unnecessary risks, so that the other could score. At 37.11 Italy scored a power play goal, but just 49 seconds later Slovenia increased their lead to 5-2.

Power play goal for Slovenia at 41.21 didn´t ease the pain of the Italians, but the Slovenians gave the intiative to the Italians after that goal and Italy punished three minutes later. Less than two minutes from that Slovenia scored again and had a four goals lead, which in Floorball naturally is not decisive in any way. The Slovenian lead still held and very valuable 8-4 victory for Slovenia.  

Best Players

Italy: Gianluca Amstutz
Slovenia: Luka Casar