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WFCQ 2016 EUR2: Day 1 – 04.02.2016

Matches in the WFCQ EUR2 started today in Tallinn, Estonia. Finland and Estonia are the best teams in the group according to world ranking.  Both of the teams won the games and started the tournament successfully.

Austria - Finland

Austria and Finland played against each other for the first time in history. Although Austria opened the score on the fifth minute, Finland won the opening match 23-1. The most resultative players in the Finnish team were Petri Hakonen (2+3), Jami Manninen (3+2) and Joonas Pylsy (4+1). The audience enjoyed the variety of goals and the overall game.

Best players:
Austria: #13 Luca Palermo
Finland: #8 Juha Kivilehto

Watch: Post Match interview with Luca Palermo (AUT)  https://youtu.be/u7lJ-QqOudk and Juha Kivilehto (FIN)  https://youtu.be/fuPf0gIsbgQ

Netherlands –Estonia

Netherlands had astrong start to the game and defended their goal well. In the beginning of the second period Netherlands scored a goal that remained their only for this match. Estonia scored four of their goals in the last 10 minutes and won thegame 9-1. The most resultative player was Patrik Kareliusson (1+3). The tribunes were practically full and the audience cheered for the teams enthusiastically.

Best players:
Netherlands: #24 Tjomme van Mastrigt
Estonia: #14 Patrik Markus

Watch NED - EST Post Match Interview with Tjomme van Mastrigt (NED) https://youtu.be/NFpSg858tKI and with Patrik Markus (EST) https://youtu.be/GtGRAP7rV7E

Photos: Aldis Toome