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WFCQ 2016 EUR4: Day 2 – 03.02.2016

In the WFCQ 2016 EUR4 three games were played in the second day. The winners of the day were Czech Republic, Norway and the organizing team Slovenia. Czechs didn’t feel any mercy for pretty tired Serbian team the goal scoring firework continued also in today’s game.

Serbia had a really tough victorious game against Italy yesterday and that had its own effects on the team’s performance against the Czechs today. There were not much they could do with the Czech hurricane and clear numbers, 21-0 for Czech Republic.

Best Players

Czech Republic: Matej Jendrisak
Serbia: Stefan Nikolic

The number two game was Italy playing against Norway, whom had some difficult moments yesterday evening against Slovenia. This time it took only 57 seconds to give real shock treatment for Italy with two goals in that time and by the end of the first period the numbers were 5-0 for the Norwegians.

Easy game for Norway and Ketil Kronberg being the hero of the team with a hat trick and two assists and final result was 12-1 for the boys from the fjords.

Best Players

Italy: Alessio Bresciani
Norway: Ketil Kronberg

Both Liechtenstein and Slovenia lost their matches on the first day and no for sure, either or even both teams were in the position to get some very important points. Slovenia started strong with the support of the home spectators by yelling: “Slo-ve-ni-ja” from the first seconds of the match on. The support paid off and Slovenia scored the first at 06.39.

By the end of the first period Slovenian lead was 3-0 and Liechtenstein was basically beaten already by that. They just couldn’t find any weapons to go through the Slovenian defense and for the joy of the spectators home team took very important points and 10-0 victory on their way trying to get a spot to the final round in Riga in December.  

Best Players

Slovenia: Luka Lavtar
Liechtenstein: Rainer Buchel