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WFCQ 2016 EUR4: Day 1 – 02.02.2016

The WFCQ 2016 EUR4 started today with six teams in the qualification, which is played in Skofja Loka in Slovenia. Czech Republic and Norway being the strongets teams based on ranking, but Slovenia made it tough for Norway in the las game of the day.

The opening match in the WFCQ EUR4 was pure demonstration of the Czech team. 35-0 and the new record final result for the Czech men’s national team was reality. A record also in individual scores in the Czech team for Martin Tokos with eight goals and three assists. Also the all time assists record in team Czech Republic for Daniel Sebek with seven assists.   

Best Players
Markus Lederberger
Czech Republic: Tomas Sladky

The second game of the day was almost a local derby, when Serbia and Italy played against each other. Nothing would be free for either of the team and the game was very tight from the very first moments on.

In the end of the first period Italians were having some dark moments with two penalties almost at the same time and Serbia had the five against three chance, which they couldn’t use. In the second period the game continued where it ended after the first period.

After two periods the score was 3-3 and the third period would be the decisive one. Serbia took the 4-3 lead, but Italy scored some five minutes before the end of the game. Three minutes later Serbia took the initiative and scored the fifth goal and after only 20 seconds the sixth goal to empty net. Even though Italy was able to score the fifth goal 15 seconds before the end of the game Serbia took a very important 6-5 victory over Italy.

Best Players:
Serbia: Enis Medjedovic
Italy: Diego Casagrande

If someone would have expected Norway to take an easy victory over Slovenia, then that was not the case. Slovenia played a really good game and were able to challenge the Scandinavians. Norway eventually took the two points out of the game By winning 7-2, but very positive performance from the home team, which was able to fight head to head against Norway for two periods.

Best Players
Norway:  Thomas Straete
Slovenia: Benjamin Basec