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WFC 2016 website launched – 29.01.2016

The official website for the Men´s 11th World Floorball Championships played in Riga, Latvia, has been launched. Visit iffwfc.org to find all latest information about the Men´s WFC 2016.

- We are pleased to open our official website just before the start of the Men´s World Floorball Championships 2016 Qualifications. The visual identity features the same geometric design that is visible in the official logo, which is common to Latvian traditional folk art, the Latvian Floorball Union President, Mr. Ilvis Petersons informs.

The visual identity patterns consist of separate elements combined in a unified composition. A popular example of the complex Latvian pattern work is the Lielvārde Sash. Into it, weavers put a particular array of ancient power symbols, said to give strength, health, wisdom and other good traits to the wearer. Some say that the Lielvārde belts – each a unique work of art – hold secret messages in the form of ethnographic codes.

Welcome to Riga in December 2016!

The Men´s World Floorball Championships will be played in two venues - Arena Riga and the Olympic Sports Centre. The distance between the arenas is only 100 metres:

- One of the most important goals for us, as for the organisers is to have almost full arenas during the group matches, and a crowded Arena Riga during the semi-finals and the medal games, but this goal we can only reach together with Floorball friends from all around the world, says Andris Dzenis, WFC 2016 Secretary General and continues:

- I am very sure, the message of our "Lielvarde belt" is not only our secret message in the form of ethnographic codes, but this is also very clear calling to friendly people from different countries to visit Latvia, as it was said already during The World Floorball Championships for Juniors 2005 in Cesis and Koceni, Latvia. As it is said in the popular song of Latvian band "Brainstorm": "Welcome to my country!"

WFC 2016 Group Ballot in April 2016

The Group Ballot for the Men´s WFC will be organised in April during the Latvian Floorball League Super Final:

- The next important events, the Ballot of the groups for the Men´s World Floorball Championships 2016 and the first day stamping the special WFC 2016 stamp, will be arranged on April 9th at 17:30, in the Arena Riga before the Men´s Final of the 23rd Latvian Championships ("ELVI" Floorball League). All representatives of WFC 2016 participants (associations and teams) are very welcome to Riga already in April, says Mr. Ilvis Petersons.

The WFC 2016 website is the second World Floorball Championships website that is launched with the model, where the official website is under the IFF domain. The  website content and layout has been created by IFF and the local organiser and includes all the relevant information about the WFC 2016. You can now find information about the tournament, host city and arenas. The main IFF website links are also included on the website since the WFC website will become the IFF front page during the WFC 2016.

The WFC 2016 website software is NetEazer, a content management tool for managing web content. The software has been built by the Finnish company OpenSpace.

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