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WFCQ 2016 EUR1 Team Presentations – 27.01.2016

Sweden, Slovakia, Russia, Belgium, France and Iceland compete in the WFCQ EUR1 in Nitra, Slovakia.

Two best teams will qualify for the WFC in Latvia as well as the two best third placed teams (taking all EUR qualifications into consideration).

The current World Champion Sweden is the favourite of the group. Slovakia and Russia are pretty close in the rankings with rankings 9 and 11. Also Belgium and France are neck and neck with Belgium being ranked 24 and France 25. Iceland has not participated in the WFCQ before, but their last international match against Serbia (ranked 20th) was really tight. They lost by one goal.

WFCQ EUR1 website: http://wfcq2016.sk/en/
IFF event page: www.floorball.org/pages/EN/Mens-WFCQ-2016-EUR1-Slovakia

Team presentations:

The reigning champion Sweden is heading to the WFCQ with a strong team. They have one clear goal: to win.
Players to watch:
Robin Nilsberth: Important player in power play and a good passer.
Martin Östholm: Has a great shot and is a good dribbler.
Johan Samuelsson: Team captain. A fast player and a true leader.


 #27 R. Nilsberth


 #11 M. Östholm


 #2 J. Samuelsson

Slovakia has a very talented, young team that wants to entertain the audience. Their main aim is to qualify for WFC 2016.
Players to watch:
Michal Dudovič: The biggest young talent in Slovakia. This skillful player is currently playing his 1st season in Slovakia’s top league.
Lukáš Řezanina: The most experienced player and the heart of the team. Plays in Czech Republic’s top league.
Martin Joščák: Clever player who holds the team together. A versatile defender who has experience from the German League.


 #21 M. Dudovic


 #19 L. Rezanina


 #91 M. Joscak

It’s important to Team Russia to be a part of the international floorball community. They want to demonstrate their capacity and efficiency in the WFCQ and take the second place. Thus their main goal is to play in Riga in December.
Players to watch:
Pavel Semenov: An experienced playmaker with extraordinary technical skills.
Alexander Shutikhin: One of the best defenders in last WFC tournaments. Quick, fast, flexible and versatile.
Alexandr Taldonov: A key player in the team. Excellent in building scoring chances.


 #79 P. Semenov


 #2 A. Shutikhin


 #7 A. Taldonov

Team Belgium is full of enthusiasm. This year, a slow shift towards a younger generation of players has taken place. All new, young players have made their way through the U19 national team and the team has many technically skilled players. Belgium aims to continue improving their abilities against tough opponents in the WFCQ.
Players to watch:
Steven Michiels: Most experienced player in the team who is always improving, well prepared, disciplined and tough on the rink.
Arpad Berteloot: First WFCQ for this talented defender who is combining quick feet and good game sense when put under pressure.
Michael Jonsson: A very dedicated captain who encourages and supports younger players. He is a role model for all his teammates due to his hard work and passion for the sport.


 #11 S. Michiels


 #8 A. Berteloot


 #5 M. Jonsson

The French national team is a blend of young, talented players and experienced players. Their main goal is to get the best result in every single qualification game in order to get a ticket to Latvia.
Players to watch:
Manaüre Russo‐Mendoza: The legendary captain of “Les Bleus” is playing in the WFCQ for the seventh time. 
Jérôme Andermatt: The pillar of the defence and a natural leader of the team.
Stéphane Balandras: Experienced goalkeeper who guarded the French net for the first time in 2004.

#7 M. Russo-Mendoza

 #21 J. Andermatt

 #33 S. Balandras

Iceland is competing in the WFCQ for the first time. The team consists of experienced players who play in Scandinavia and also of less experienced, but equally enthusiastic players who play in Iceland. Team Iceland is excited about this historical event and hope to show their very best and to put Iceland on the floorball map.
Players to watch:
Andreas Stefansson: A top scorer with great speed and directness.
Jens Alengård: A very solid defender with a fierce shot.
Martin Bruss Smedlund: Versatile player and team captain. Gives great passes, has good ball control and game sense.


 #10 A. Stefansson


 #28 J. Alengård


#13 M. Bruss Smedlund

Qualification system

In 2016, there will be six regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 11th Men´s WFC 2016, and all registered teams, apart from the organiser, must participate in the qualifications. In each qualification group the teams play each other once.

In Europe there are four qualification groups and teams will qualify for the Men´s WFC 2016 according to the following:

i) The two best teams from each qualification group and the two best 3rd placed teams will qualify.

ii) The calculation of the best 3rd teams will follow this order: 1. Average number of points 2. Average goal difference 3. Average scored goals 4. Lottery drawing. *

*Since the number of teams between the qualification groups differ, the group sizes will be equalised by removing the results from the matches against the lowest placed teams in the larger-sized group before comparing the average results.