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February Internationals Weekend 2016 – 21.01.2016

The first international weekend matches in 2016 will be played at the same time as the Men´s WFC Qualifications, on February 5th - 7th.  Three different international weekend events will take place.

You can access the IFF event pages from the links below.

11th Polish Cup: Women U19  (Rakonewice & Zbaszyn, Poland)
5.-7.02.2016 at Rakonewice Arena & Zbaszynkie Centrum Sportu
Teams: Czech Republic WU19, Germany WU19, Norway WU19, Poland WU19, Switzerland WU19

Switzerland v Czech Republic: Men U19: (Herisau, Switzerland)
5.-7.02.2016 at Sportzentrum Herisau
Teams: Czech Republic MU19, Switzerland MU19

Finland v Sweden: Women U19 & Men U19: (Espoo, Finland)
6.-7.02.2016 at Tapiolan Urheiluhalli
Teams: Finland WU19 & MU19, Sweden WU19 & MU19

Photo: EFT 2015/Salibandyliiga