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IFF School Curriculum & Street/Urban Floorball3+ – 21.01.2016

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) has published a School Curriculum that helps Associations and School Authorities to introduce Floorball. The Curriculum also includes information about Street/Urban Floorball3+ and Points Master.

The IFF has put together a School Floorball Curriculum to enhance the level and the development of Floorball played in schools. The main objective of the curriculum is to give both National Floorball Associations and local School Authorities a better understanding of how to teach Floorball and provide ideas on how to introduce Floorball as a new sport and build your own school curriculum for it.
-The School Curriculum aims to give assistance for PE teachers and Youth Floorball Coaches to utilize different available spaces and number of players in order to increase the time spend with the ball during practices, states the IFF Secretary General, Mr. John Liljelund.

The School Curriculum consists of 11 lessons. These lessons include different drills and specific information about the skills that are developed. Instead of just explaining what to do and how, the School Curriculum provides knowledge on also why it’s done. By giving the students an explanation why something is done, gives them a better reason to actually concentrate on the task and do it properly.

All the drills have been animated to show how the drills shall be run and give the teacher/coach the opportunity to teach the right movement, even though he/she doesn’t know Floorball that well. The drills are animated in a web based program called XFBall and runs from the www.XFBall.com. In addition to that all drills have, if it´s possible, also been drawn in the material by using Innosport Drawing tool at www.floorballcentre.com. This makes it possible to use the School Curriculum also if internet connection is not available.

Street Floorball is the overall name for the flexible and easy to access version, and a Sport for All recreational game format, of Floorball. It is played 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 with or without a goal- keeper, depending on the set up and the availability of goals. It can easily be used in a game or as a training format.
The Street/Urban Floorball3+ explains what one needs to know in order to organise a successful Street Floorball tournament from match schedules and rules to marketing the event. It also includes a timetable for planning.

Points Master is a good way to play if there are no teams or clubs but individual players. The basic idea is that players are divided to different teams and after every small mini-game each player collects points for him/herself. The IFF has launched a Points Master mobile application, which makes it easier to carry out the games. In case someone doesn’t have the access to the mobile application, the IFF School Curriculum includes seven different Points Master sheets.

- The Curriculum gives information on what to do and how to train, The Street/Urban Floorball3+ gives information on how to organise playing and Points Master gives additional ideas, says Ms. Minna Nurminen, IFF Office Assistant Intern and continues: -We hope that all this information will help to spread the sport and to give ideas how Floorball can be played in school and all around.

You can find the material here: http://www.floorball.org/materials.asp
Easy read form in Issuu: http://issuu.com/iff_floorball/docs/iff_curr.street3__online_