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WFCQ 2016 EUR4 Team Presentations – 26.01.2016

Six teams, Czech Republic, Norway, Serbia, Italy, Slovenia and Liechtenstein will play in the WFCQ EUR4 in Skofja Loka, Slovenia.

The two best team will qualify for the WFC in Latvia. In addition, the two best third placed teams will qualify (taking all EUR qualifications into consideration).

Czech Republic and Norway are the favourites of the group. The Czechs are ranked 4th and Norway is ranked 6th. The other teams: Serbia, Italy, Slovenia and Liechtenstein are ranked between 20 and 30, Serbia having the highest ranking and Liechtenstein the lowest.

Slovenia has played strong during the last year and they took a clear win against Serbia who is ahead of them in the rankings. They also had a tight match against Italy, which they won in the end. Last time when the Czechs played against Norway (WFC 2014), they won by only one goal. The placements in EUR4 are wide open.

Official IFF event page: www.floorball.org/pages/EN/Mens-WFCQ-2016-EUR4-Slovenia

Team presentations:

Czech Republic
The Czechs have a young and ambitious team. Their players have great technical skills and play fast modern floorball that will be a treat for the spectators.
Players to watch:
Matěj Jendrišák: The best player of Czech Republic for the last two years.
Martin Tokoš: One of the fastest players in the world. His assertiveness and speed can distract any defence and stop the opponent´s passes.
Patrik Suchánek: Another player from the Swedish Top League (SSL). A defender who can make excellent passes.


 #28 M. Jendrisak


 #20 M. Tokos


 #12 P. Suchanek

Team Norway is currently ranked sixth in the Men’s WFC. Their aim is to continuously improve all aspects of their game in order to take the next step in the future.
Players to watch:
Ketil Kronberg: One of the best players in the world.
Ole Mossin Olesen: Was in charge of one of the most beautiful goals in the WFC 2014 with his zorro move. Watch the goal here!
Daniel Gidske: Great defensive player with spectacular skills.


 #5 K. Kronberg

 #10 O. M. Olesen


 #3 D. Gidske

Team Serbia’s goal is to take the third place and to qualify for the WFC final round for the first time despite it being a hard task. Their plan is to give their best in each game and to see how far it will take them.
Players to watch:
Alexander Zoric: Top scorer of the Serbian national team.
Darien Banda: "Gennaro Gattuso" of Serbian floorball, never stops and never gives up.
Marko Petrovic: All-time top scorer of the Serbian national championships.


 #17 A. Zoric


 #66 D. Banda


 #19 M. Petrovic

Italy has a young and hungry team that wants to show their best floorball at the WFCQ. They are proud to present their country and will give everything they have in the rink.
Players to watch:
Alessio Bresciani: A young and talented player. Really fast with the ball and has a strong shot.
Thomas Ilmer: A strong defender and a key player who knows how to read the game.
Gianluca Amstutz: A creative player and a typical centre who can play the decisive pass in order to score.


 #24 A. Bresciani

 #22 T. Ilmer


 #10 G. Amstutz

Team Slovenia is back after a four-year break (they last competed in the WFCQ 2012). They have a solid team with a couple of experienced players and a clear aim: to achieve the third place in their own qualification group.
Players to watch:
Luka Časar: Plays floorball in Czech Republic. The most experienced player in the team with very good skills.
Miha Pustavrh: Experienced and relentless defender.
Gašper Triler: The youngest player in the team. Has a good technique.


 #90 L. Casar


 #61 M. Pustavrh


 #98 G. Triler

The Liechtenstein national team was built in 2005. Since then, Liechtenstein has participated in the Men´s WFCQ in 2008, 2010 and 2014. The aim of Liechtenstein is to win at least one game at the tournament in Slovenia.
Players to watch:
Markus Ledergerber: Best player from Liechtenstein who plays in the Swiss Floorball League.
Rainer Büchel: One of the most skilled players of the team.
Jonas Kipfer: Youngest player of the team.


 #9 M. Ledergerber


 #8 R. Buchel


 #21 J. Kipfer

Qualification system

In 2016, there will be six regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 11th Men´s WFC 2016, and all registered teams, apart from the organiser, must participate in the qualifications. In each qualification group the teams play each other once.

In Europe there are four qualification groups and teams will qualify for the Men´s WFC 2016 according to the following:

i) The two best teams from each qualification group and the two best 3rd placed teams will qualify.

ii) The calculation of the best 3rd teams will follow this order: 1. Average number of points 2. Average goal difference 3. Average scored goals 4. Lottery drawing. *

*Since the number of teams between the qualification groups differ, the group sizes will be equalised by removing the results from the matches against the lowest placed teams in the larger-sized group before comparing the average results.