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WFCQ 2016 AOFC Team Presentations – 25.01.2016

Seven countries will compete for the three tickets to Latvia in the Asia - Oceania WFC 2016 Qualifiction. These teams are divided into two groups.

Group A: Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.
Group B: Australia, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand.

Japan, Australia, Korea and Singapore are really close in rankings, Japan having the highest ranking (15) and Singapore the lowest (18). New Zealand is ranked 26th and Malaysia, who last competed in the WFCQ in 2010, is ranked 33. Thailand is making its first appearance and thus is still without a ranking. In the WFCQ 2014, Australia, Korea and Japan made it to the final round. Which three teams will make it now?

WFCQ AOFC website: www.floorballthailand.com
Official IFF event page: www.floorball.org/pages/EN/Mens-WFCQ-2016-AOFC-Thailand

Team Presentations:

Within the two year’s, team Japan’s roster has changed a lot. Experienced players have retired and due to economical and work related problems some high level players can’t participate in the WFCQ. But still their spirits are high and they want to enjoy international floorball with their whole heart. Team Japan’s aim is to do their best in every match and have great sportsmanship.
Players to watch:
Kenta Higuchi: Japan´s goalkeeper who has a great throw and potential to be a top level player. 
Ichiro Ueda: Swedish-Japanese player who has a great fighting spirit and plays good floorball.
Naoki Shiba: Has only played floorball for three years, but his high-level soccer background has made him one of the best defenders in the team.


 #1 K. Higuchi


 #19 I. Ueda


 #14 N. Shiba

For the 2016 WFCQ in Pattaya team Australia are bringing some new younger players and they have been working with the U19 National team to ensure that these players are ready for an opportunity to try the senior stage. Their aim for the tournament is to continue their development of the game while playing some fast, fun and entertaining floorball and of course to secure a spot for the WFC 2016.
Players to watch:
James Hollingsworth: A skilled player that contributes to the team both on and off the court and he was also the captain for the U19 team during the U19 WFC 2015 in Sweden.
Daniel Gartner: A skilled and technical player who also worked his way through the U19 scene to secure a spot in the senior team.
Tom Gartner: Also from the U19 like his brother Daniel. Tom is a skilled and technical player that is not afraid to put the ball in the back of the opponent’s net.


 #19 J. Hollingsworth

 #74 D. Gartner 


 #47 T. Gartner

Korea’s goal is clear: they want to make it to the WFCQ final. They have a pretty young team due to player retirement. The new youngsters might not be as skilled as the old players, but they’re talented and will gain experience for the future. The age difference between the oldest and the youngest player in the team is 22 years. Oldest player is born in 1976 whereas the youngest is born in 1999.
Players to watch:
Baek Hee Lee: The senior of the team is an excellent scorer. He is determined and has a great technique.
Doo Sun Park: Number one goalie of the team who is fast and stable. Also quite funny.
Sang Hoon Lee: Despite his young age he is a reliable player with a good shot and technique. Currently plays in Czech Republic.


 #37 B. H. Lee


 #1 D. S. Park

 #96 S. H. Lee 

For this upcoming WFCQ in Thailand, Team Singapore will be sending a balance of youth and experienced players. Coming from the experience of non-qualification during the last WFCQ and then winning SEA Games Gold in 2015, the team is humbled and hungry to rebuild and achieve greater heights. With the new coaching staff in place, Singapore is working hard to achieve WFC qualification!
Players to watch:
Syazni Ramlee: A driven player that has captained his team to gold in the 27th SEA Games. He is not afraid of challenges.
Jian Hong Lim: His 1st WFC Goal in 2012 against Estonia lit up the path of this young and inspiring forward, a confirmation that skills trump over size.
Hafiz Zubir: Tenacious and aggressive, getting past this defender warrants the utmost skill, and even then, a shot on goal is not guaranteed.


 #25 S. Ramlee


 #70 J. H. Lim


 #29 H. Zubir

New Zealand
New Zealand is a developing team with a large number of young players who play for the first time on this level. The aim of the team is to be the first New Zealand team to qualify for the World Floorball Championships.
Players to watch:
Matthew Bertschinger: The youngest player in the team with good movement and technique.
Tom Kibblewhite:  An up and coming strong defender with good overview of the game.
Arnie Lowe: A fast and hardworking forward with a strong shot.


#21 M. Bertschinger


 #7 T. Kibblewhite

 #2 A. Lowe

This will be the first WFCQ for Team Malaysia since 2010. The team is currently in a period of transition and consists of many debutants and young players. Team Malaysia will hope to give out a good fight to the other teams and do their best at the WFCQ 2016.
Players to watch:
Mohammad Khalid Abdul Rahim: As the most senior player, he plays an important role in leading the frontline.
Chiam Ter Min: Being the most lethal forward, the team captain´s goal scoring ability will be important to the team´s attacking force.
Zephaniah Chong En Wei: He may be small physically but this young defender is definitely not timid. He makes up for his lack of size with incredible speed and agility.

#26 M. K. Abdul Rahim

 #10 C. Ter Min

#6 Z. Chong En Wei

Thailand is an up and coming team, composed of youths from all over Thailand. A hard-working, passionate and ambitious group of individuals that share a common desire to make Thai history.
Players to watch:
Alexander Rinefalk: Understands the game well due to his experience of playing in the Swedish league. Has a strong shot.
Aphichet Ratanaprathum: An offensive defender who will always challenge the opponent. His competitive edge makes him an intelligent and agile player.
Watcharapon Onsuk: A strong physical defender who always runs no matter what. He is a focused and committed player, both on and off the field.


 #11 A. Rinefalk


#88 A. Ratanaprathum

 #18 W. Onsuk

Qualification system

In 2016, there will be six regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 11th Men´s WFC 2016, and all registered teams, apart from the organiser, must participate in the qualifications. In Asia-Oceania there is one qualification group and teams will qualify for the Men´s WFC 2016 according to the following: i) The three best teams from the group will qualify for the Final Round.

AOFC Qualification Playing System

The Asia-Oceania group is split into two groups and each team within a group will play each other once. The top two teams from each group will qualify to the semi-finals. These 4 teams will decide positions 1-4.

The teams which are 3rd or/& 4th in the group will play for positions 5-7. 3rd in Group A will play once against 3rd in Group B and 4th in Group B. These two matches plus the result of the group match between the 3rd & 4th placed teams in Group B will be used to calculate the 5th-7th placements.