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Student League in Jakarta – 18.01.2016

Kalbis Floorball League (KFL) is a league for middle and high school students in Indonesia.

Kalbis Floorball League (KFL) is held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The latest KFL was played from September 26 through November 14, 2015. The league was organised by D’Ramz in collaboration with Kalbis Institute & Indonesian Floorball Association (IFA). Matches were held every other Saturday since the KFL Committee didn’t want the competitions to interfere with the students’ number one priority: studying. For the same reason, the number of games was adjusted accordingly and aligned with the school calendar.

- Although the number of match days is reduced, we hope that all students can balance their work plus the floorball extra-curricular activities and still have fun and be excited about floorball, says Mr. David Hariyanto, Chairman of KFL Committee.

Several schools participated in the latest KFL, including: SMA Marie Joseph, SMA Mahatma Gading, SMA Santo Antonius, SMA Madania, SMAN 13 Jakarta, SMPN 24 Jakarta, Sekolah Harapan Bangsa

The champions from the latest KFL are:

 Boys U18  Girls U18
 1st SMA Santo Antonius   1st SMA Santo Antonius 
 2nd SMPN 24 Jakarta   2nd SMA Mahatma Gading
 3rd SMAN 13 Jakarta   3rd Sekolah Harapan Bangsa

The winning team received a scholarship opportunity for college education from the sponsoring institute, Kalbis Institute. This further shows the true objective of the program which is showcasing floorball as a sport that truly complements students’ education.

Kalbis Floorball League is very much in line with IFA´s objective which is to continue the advancement of floorball in Indonesia, a country with 250 million people and many yet to be found floorball stars.
- Kalbis Floorball League is a wonderful way for students to compete in a professional setting and we can see that each and every day, more and more potential floorball players are born, says Raymond Nangoy, General Secretary of IFA.

To date, many similar floorball competitions have taken place in various schools. The league’s purpose is therefore to also enhance students’ experience in formal competitions and to get more familiar with the IFF rules and regulations.

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