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School Floorball Cup in Turkey – 12.01.2016

The first Inegöl Floorball Cup for schools was organised in Bursa a few weeks ago. There were also lots of participants in the Basic Floorball Training Programme and the number of players is growing.

The First Inegöl Floorball Tournament was held on 29th of December in Yenice Sport Center at İnegöl, Bursa. 16 teams competed in four different categories: Primary School, Middle School, High School and Club Teams.
- We already have a yearly National Floorball Championship Tournaments for Middle School, High School and Club Teams in İstanbul. This is great progress for developing floorball here in Turkey. Floorball is expanding in many different areas of the country and more teams are starting floorball, says Abdullah Tulunay from Floorball Turkey.

Results (top three):

 Primary School Middle School High School  Club Team 
1. Dipsiz göl ilkokulu 1. Nuri Pakdil Ortaokulu 1. Muğla Final Liseleri 1. Temel Yapı Muğla GSK
2. Huzur Ilkokulu 2. Cerrah Ortaokulu 2. Zirve GSK Lisesi 2. Istanbul Florbol Kulübü
3. Cerrah Ilkokulu 3. Akhisar Ortaokulu 3. IGA Lions 3. Zirve Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü

Day before the tournament, Floorball Turkey organised a Basic Floorball Training Programme. 25 people completed the programme and received their certificates. During the past two years more than 100 people have participated in the programme and are now playing floorball or organising new floorball teams and tournaments.

One successful example of the Training Programme is Mr. Aykurt Sav. He attended a Basic Floorball Training Programme approximately two years ago and he is the one who started floorball in Bursa. Just recently he became an official representative of Floorball Turkey in Bursa Area. Together with Floorball Turkey and the help of Local Sport Administration, he started the Inegöl Floorball Tournament and has also helped many new teams to start floorball and to join the tournament.

Floorball Turkey has reached outstanding number of players and teams during last couple of years. Right now there is over 60 floorball teams from different age groups and four National Floorball Championship Tournaments every year. Over 10.000 people are introduced to floorball every year and the number is growing.
- We appreciate a great deal of all the help and support we´ve received from IFF and many international floorball players and supporters throughout these past years. We´re seeing a good future for floorball here in Turkey and would like to open our doors to international floorball events here, Tulunay says.

Source & more information: www.floorball.org/pages/EN/Turkey
Photos: Sav Zeymelay