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IFF Event Handbook 2016 – 07.01.2016

The IFF has updated the IFF Event Handbook for event organisers. The IFF Event Handbook includes everything you need to know to organise the best events in the world.

The new version is now found on issuu as an easy read version and under IFF Materials as PDF.

The IFF Event Handbook has been created in order to assist the IFF Event organisers to organise successful floorball events.The first version of the IFF Event Handbook was launched in connection with the Men´s WFC in December 2010.

The IFF Event Handbook is not a rule book, but the aim is to assist IFF Event organisers when hosting an IFF Event. By reading through the sections of the Handbook you will find detailed information about what should be considered when planning and organising an IFF Event.

Read & download the IFF Event Handbook:

  1. Read the whole IFF Event Handbook on IFF issuu: http://issuu.com/iff_floorball/docs/iff_event_handbook_2016
  2. Download the sections you wish from the IFF Materials section