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Floorball development in Hong Kong – 05.01.2016

Floorball is starting to gain ground in Hong Kong. China and the Hong Kong Floorball Federation have started to promote the sport in the schools. Plans have already been set out for future growth, especially targeting the schools and universities.

The first promotional campaign, called the Floorball Fun Day has been held in Hong Kong. The event was run for around 80 primary school students on the 12th of December. According to Dr. Henry Lee, the Vice-President of Hong Kong Floorball Federation (HKGFF), the students enjoyed the game a lot and practiced new skills with a hard-working attitude.
- I think this fun day is our first step to promote floorball to HK citizens. We will keep promoting it to different types of students in HK in the coming days, Dr. Lee, states.

Dr. Lee wants to make floorball a known sport in Hong Kong:
- It’s our great honour to work with Denny Lo (President of HKGFF) and Dr. Chan (HKGFF Board Member) to develop the Floorball Association of Hong Kong. We must do our best to use our strong network and past experience in sports to form a sound sports association which can promote floorball to teenagers, sports lovers and the public in Hong Kong. In 2016 we are also planning to organise a training workshop for Hong Kong Collage of Technology PE teachers.

Visit Hong Kong Floorball´s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Hong-Kong-Floorball-288751391138008/