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Floorball Points Master App – 09.07.2014

The Floorball Points Master is an easy and fun way to play floorball where you play short games with the team mates continuously changing for each game.

The Floorball Points Master mobile app is available iOS, Android and Windows devices.

The Floorball Points Master is a game application adapted especially for smaller groups of players, when playing on a full size field is not meaningful or when there just is no large fields to play on. The basic idea with the Floorball Points Master is that each player is collecting personal points, which they gather in the games based on the continuously changing team’s performance. The game application was originally introduced in floorball by the Finnish Floorball legend Mr. Jarmo Perttilä.

Download points master is available for free download in the app store or from google play.

Facts about Floorball Points Master:

  1. Can be played anywhere, indoors or outdoors
  2. Can be played with or without goalies
  3. Playmates/teams change all the time
  4. Different skill levels doesn´t hinder playing together
  5. A minimum of six players needed and you choose the table according to the amount of players
  6. You collect individual points in each match and receive 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw
  7. After the games (8-20) the individual points of every player are counted

The Floorball Points Master tables are alsoavailable in PDF format on the IFF web page under Materials in English, Finnish, German, and Swedish.

The Floorball Points Master is also explained in more detail in the IFF Learn Start Play material, which can be found as a web publication: http://issuu.com/iff_floorball/docs/learnstartplay.