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WFC 2013 match schedule and tickets – 06.03.2013

The match schedule for the Women´s World Floorball Championships is published and the pre-sale of tickets starts today.

Download the PDF version of the match schedule here.

The WFC group matches and part of the play-off qualification are played in Brno, December 7th - 10th and the play-offs and medal matches are played in Ostrava, December 11th - 15th.

The pre-sale of tickets also starts on www.eventim.cz during the second intermission of today´s Czech Men´s quarter-final TV match,  BILLY BOY Mladá Boleslav - Panthers Otrokovice, starting at 17:30 CET (estimated time for ticket sales 18:45 CET).

Ticket prices

Brno adults (2nd/1st cat) chidren (2nd/1st cat)
venue ticket 7th - 10th December 250/390 CZK 90/150 CZK
sat 7/12 Group matches 150/250 CZK 50/80 CZK
sun 8/12 Group matches 150/250 CZK 50/80 CZK
mon 9/12 Group matches 150/250 CZK 50/80 CZK
tue 10/12 Play-off qualification* 100 CZK 50 CZK
Ostrava adults (2nd/1st cat) children (2nd/1st cat)
venue ticket 11th - 15th December 490/850 CZK 180/250 CZK
wed 11/12 Quarter-finals 100/250 CZK 30/50 CZK
thu 12/12 Quarter-finals 190/350 CZK 70/120 CZK
fri 13/12 Placement matches 100/250 CZK 30/50 CZK
sat 14/12 Semi-finals, 7th place 190/350 CZK 70/120 CZK
sun 15/12 Final, 3rd place, 5th place 250/390 CZK 90/140 CZK

* According to the new playing system the two best teams of group A and B go directly to the quarter-final. Teams placed 3rd and 4th in group A and B and the teams placed 1st and 2nd in group C and D make it to the play-off qualification (played before the quarter-finals).

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Official WFC 2013 website: www.wfc2013.cz