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Tiberio Calamai President of the Italian Floorball Federation – 07.03.2013

On March 2nd the General Assembly of the Italian Floorball Federation was held in Milan and Tiberio Calamai was elected new President of the Federation.

The General Assembly approved the new statutes, aligned to the directives from the National Olympic Committee. The General Assembly also elected the President and the Board for the upcoming four years.

Tiberio Calamai was elected as new President replacing Gaia Antonini, who did not run for a second period. Tiberio has previously been a Member of the Board.

The following Board Members were elected: Hannes Astenwald (new), Sandro Di Tomassi (new), Jurgen Gasser (re-election) and Giorgio Rambaldi (new) as representatives of the Clubs, while Lara Amici (new) and Roland De Conno (new) were elected as representatives of the Athletes.

- The primary objective in the following four years must be the development of floorball in Italy and to reach this we must unite all our efforts in the various areas where we are and will be engaged in the future. Floorball must acquire more visibility and for this purpose it is most important to be recognized by CONI, the National Olympic Committee, an objective which seems within reach in the coming two years, the new President (in photo) declared.

Source & more information, Italian Floorball Federation www.fiuf.it