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Follow the Women´s WFC 2013 Group ballot live today – 05.03.2013

The group ballot for the Women´s World Floorball Championship 2013 will be made today and the ballot can be watched live on Web-TV.

The 16 teams that will play in the WFC 2013 Final Round Ostrava and Brno in December will today be divided into four groups.

The group ballot starts at 12:00 CET at the municipal house in Ostrava and can be followed live on the Official WFC 2013 website: www.wfc2013.cz.

The group ballot will be made by the IFF President Tomas Eriksson and the Czech Floorball Union President and IFF Vice President, Filip Suman. There will also be members of the WFC organising committee, representatives of the city of Ostrava as well as representatives of the Czech Women´s national team present at the ballot. The Czech team representatives are coach Markéta Šteglová and players Zuzana Macurová and Denisa Billá.

The Women´s WFC is played December 7th - 15th 2013.

New WFC playing system

Starting from the Women´s WFC 2013 a new WFC playing system has been implemented. The new format will include a new division of teams between the groups according to ranking. In addition a new first play-off round is played, giving more teams the possibility to play in the quarter-finals.

The composition of the groups will look as follows:

Group A & Group B
Team ranked 1-4
Team ranked 1-4
Team ranked 5-8
Team ranked 5-8

Group C & Group D
Team ranked 9-12
Team ranked 9-12
Team ranked 13-16
Team ranked 13-16

Teams in the WFC

Five teams were directly qualified to the WFC Final Round and all other teams played in the regional qualifications. Latvia, Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia and Hungary qualified from the European qualifications. The luckiest team was Germany who was the best 4th placed team when comparing the European qualifications.

In the American qualification Canada beat USA twice and can look forward to the Championships as the American representative.

The remaining three spots were taken by Japan, Australia and Korea. It will be the first time that Korea plays in the WFC Final Round. 

Teams directly qualified: SWE, FIN, CZE, SUI, NOR
Teams qualified from Eur 1: LAT, SVK, DEN, GER
Teams qualified from Eur 2: POL, RUS, HUN
Team qualified from America: CAN
Teams qualified from AOFC: AUS, JPN, KOR