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Certified trainer education in Germany – 07.03.2007

The German Floorball Association (DUB) has invested a lot of effort in developing a recognized Floorball trainer education.

After having found skilled volunteers for the Association´s educational committee in the last months, this group has also started to work out the necessary basic documentation and fundamentals to comply with the overall requirements of DOSB (i.e. the German Olympic Sports Association). The German Floorball Association and DOSB worked in a very close cooperation together, even if the DUB is not yet a member of the Olympic Sports Association, to satisfy the requirements for establishing a recognized trainer education and certification process.

Now the time has come to organise the first official C-license education course by the DUB in May 2007. For the first time the DUB is now in a position where they can educate and certify their Floorball trainers in Germany on a more reliable basis than before.

The DUB believes that with this process more skilled and certified trainers will help to spread Floorball in Germany and on the other hand it will also help to enhance the average competence of players within the national teams in the future.