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Results from internationals – 12.02.2007

There were a record number of international matches played during the weekend.
Due to the upcoming Women´s 6th World Floorball Championships many national teams had their last chance to test their players on the international level before the WFC 2007. Also several men´s national teams challenged each other and played tight matches around Europe.

Men´s & Men´s U19 internationals:

Sweden won all their matches in the Men´s  World Challenge Tournament played in Göteborg, Sweden. Finland became second and Czech Republic third with a better goal difference than Switzerland. The scoring leader was Martin Dahlgren (5+1) from Sweden.

09.02: Finland-Czech Republic 7-2
09.02: Sweden-Switzerland 8-2
10.02: Czech Republic-Switzerland 3-3
10.02: Sweden-Finland 5-1
11.02: Switzerland-Finland 2-8
11.02: Sweden-Czech Republic 4-1

Markku Huoponen/FFF Results from other matches:
Frederikshavn, Denmark
10.02: Denmark-Norway 1-4 (M)
11.02: Denmark-Norway 6-4 (M)
Tallin, Estonia
10.02: Estonia-Latvia 5-2 (M)
11.02: Estonia-Latvia 3-6 (M)
Brumunddal, Norway
10.02: Norway-Latvia 5-3 (MU19)
11.02: Norway-Latvia 6-5 (MU19)
Wolzstyn, Poland
10.02: Poland-Germany 4-3 (M)
10.02: Poland-Germany 4-6 (MU19)
11.02: Poland-Germany 4-5 (M)
11.02: Poland-Germany 5-5 (MU19)
Kapfenberg, Austria
10.02: Austria-Slovenia 5-3 (MU19)

Women´s internationals

Sweden won the women´s Euro Floorball Tour 2007 that was played in Baar, Switzerland. Finland and Sweden evened the score 5-5, but Sweden won the tournament with a better goal difference. The reigning Wold Champion, Switzerland, was third and Czech Republic fourth. Sweden, Finland and Czech Republic will play in group B in the WFC 2007 and Switzerland in group A.

09.02: Finland-Sweden 5-5
09.02: Czech Republic-Switzerland 2-7
10.02: Sweden-Czech Republic 10-1
10.02: Switzerland-Finland 3-6
11.02: Finland-Czech Republic 9-3
11.02: Switzerland-Sweden 4-7

The three Nations Tournament played in Denmark was won by the Danish team. Norway became second and the Netherlands third. Read more from the WFC 2007 webpage. Denmark and Norway will play in group A in the WFC 2007 and the Netherlands in group C (B-Division).
09.02: Norway-Netherlands 5-3
10.02: Denmark-Netherlands 6-4
11.02: Denmark-Norway 7-6

The home team also won the three Nations Tournament played in Riga, Latvia. Russia was second and Germany third. Read more from the Latvian Floorball Union´s webpage. Latvia will play in group A in the WFC 2007 and Russia in group B. Germany will play in group D (B-Division)
09.02: Latvia-Germany 7-2
10.02: Germany-Russia 1-9
11.02: Russia-Latvia 3-4