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Upcoming Internationals – 07.02.2007

The upcoming weekend will be accompanied by many international matches played all around Europe.

Men´s & Men´s U19 internationals:

Men´s national teams of Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic will meet in Gothenburg, Sweden, in the World Challenge Tournament. The two previous matches between Finland and Sweden have been of high quality and both have resulted in a tie.

Previous results:
09.12: Swe-Fin 5-5
11.11: Swe-Cze 9-5
11.11: Fin-Sui 10-2
10.11: Swe-Sui 10-2
10.11: Cze-Fin 0-5

Picture by: Päivi Väänänen
The match between Sweden and Finland can be followed live through the Internet on Saturday at 16:55 CET from here. All the matches will be updated live here.

A lot of other Men´s national teams are also playing international matches around Europe:

Picture by: Markku Huoponen/FFF Fredrikshavn, Denmark:
10.02: Denmark-Norway (M)
11.02: Denmark-Norway (M)

Tallin, Estonia:
10.02: Estonia-Latvia (M)
11.02: Estonia-Latvia (M)

Brumunddal, Norway:
10.02: Norway-Latvia (MU19)
11.02: Norway-Latvia (MU19)

Wolzstyn, Poland:
10.02: Poland-Germany (M)
10.02: Poland-Germany (MU19)
11.02: Poland-Germany (M)
11.02: Poland-Germany (MU19)

Kapfenberg, Austria:
10.02: Austria-Slovenia (MU19)

Women´s internationals

The women´s teams from Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic will challenge each other in Baar, Switzerland in the Euro Floorball Tour 2007

Previous results:
09.12: Swe-Fin 3-0 
12.11: Sui-Fin 6-3
12.11: Cze-Sui 0-14
11.11: Cze-Sui 5-5

Women´s three nations tournaments are played in both the WFC 2007 arena in Frederikshavn, Denmark and in Riga, Latvia:

Frederikshavn, Denmark:
09.02: Norway-Netherlands (W)
10.02: Denmark-Netherlands (W)
11.02: Denmark-Norway (W)
Riga, Latvia
09.02: Latvia-Germany (W)
10.02: Germany-Russia (W)
11.02: Russia-Latvia (W)

The results will be updated here and the previous results from internationals can be found here.