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XXX CE-marking of protective goggles for floorball use – 02.02.2007

There is now CE-marked protective goggles available for Floorball players. Although the use of protective eyewear is not mandatory in Floorball the International Floorball Federation recommends the use of eye protection.

The Swedish Floorball Federation started a project with the consumer authorities in Sweden in order to have CE-marked eye protection for Floorball use. SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute) in cooperation with the consumer authorities developed a CE criteria and a testing tool which in 2006 was approved by the Swedish authorities.
The idea with certification is to have eye protection for Floorball players, which are developed in order to guarantee the security of the players. Starting from the beginning of year 2007 the IFF has taken over the testing tool from the Swedish Floorball Federation and there is now CE-marked protective goggles specifically for Floorball use.

More information can be found from the SP:s webpage

The following brands have so far received certification for their products, but more companies are being tested:

Active Eyewear:
Tornado indoor #942
Size: Senior

Fatpipe Protective Eyewear set.
Size: Senior

Unihoc 4407 SR
Size: Senior
Unihoc 4408 JR
Size: Junior

Zone 4209 SR & Zone 4205 SR
Size: Senior
Zone 4208 JR & Zone 4201 JR
Size:  Junior