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World Schools´ Championships 2007 – 20.12.2006

ISF Floorball 2007


There is still a possibility to register for the World Schools´ Championships in Floorball 2007 that will be played in Brno, Czech Republic, from May 3rd-10th 2007.  


More details about the tournament and the entry form are found in the 2nd ISF 2007 Bulletin. The entry form has to be returned to the Organising Committee before the 15th of January 2007.


The following teams have registered by now:

Boys: Czech Republic 2*, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Russia and Sweden.

Girls: Czech Republic 2*, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia and Sweden.

* = +one team of the organising school

Address of the Organising Committee:


ISF Floorball 2007 Association of School Sports Clubs (ASSK CR) José Martího
31 162 52 Praha 6
Czech Republic
Tel +420 220 172 145
Fax +420 220 562 235

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