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Women´s U19 WFC 2012 A-division Team presentations – 26.04.2012

Eight teams will play in the Women´s U19 WFC A-division divided into two groups.

The WFC is played May 1st - 5th in Nitra, Slovakia and the two highest placed teams will play in the semi-finals. More information from the Official WU19 website.


Group A: SWE, SUI, SVK & HUN
Group B: FIN, CZE, NOR & POL

Teams in Group:

Sweden Men Under 19

Participations & Placements

WFC 2004: 1st
WFC 2006: 1st
WFC 2008: 2nd
WFC 2010: 1st

 #4 F. Rydfjäl

#8 E. Gabrielsson

#27 D. Mrksic

Sweden: The reigning champion aims to develop the players and the teamplay. The players are in great physical condidition and the goal is to win the tournament.
Players to be noted:
Frida Rydfjäll - Swedish champion from IKSU innebandy.   
Elin Gabrielsson - a defender that has an extraordinary knowledge of the game in additon to a great floorball technique.
Dragana Mrksic - a defender with energy, energy and energy.

Switzerland Women

Participations & Placements

WFC 2004: 3rd
WFC 2006: 3rd
WFC 2008: 1st
WFC 2010: 4th

#7 N. Bärtschi

#12 F. Walther

#9 C. Krebs

Switzerland: The team has a good mix of players in different ages and league provenances and some of the players already play in the highest Swiss league. The aim is to recapture a medal.
Players to be noted
Nina Bärtschi - a very talented player with playmaker and scoring skills. Played already the Womens WFC 2011 in Switzerland.
Fabienne Walther - despite of her young age already the top scorer in the Swiss Mobiliar League this season  
Corina Krebs - the captain of the team.

Slovakia Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 2006: 10th
WFC 2008: 9th
WFC 2010: 5th

#28 R. Janegová

#5 M. Bulko

#34 A. Ferencova

Slovakia: Slovakia has been climbing up the WU19 ranking and will now aim to play their best WFC with the support of their home crowd.
Players to be noted
Romana Janegová - a great center with a very good shot. She has played in the Women´s national team since 2009.
Radka Mládenková - a very reliable goalkeeper who has experience from women´s internationals. 
Alexandra Ferencová - a defender with a very good long distance shot. One of Slovakia´s best players alreaady in the Women´s WFC 2011.

Hungary Men

Participations & Placements
2004: 8th
2006: 11th
2008: -
2010: 9th

#19 R. Kovacs

#9 A. Simon

#17 E. Hotz

Hungary - A very young team with lack of international experience. The goal is to reach the best result based on the ability.
Players to be noted
Réka Kovács - the team captain and one of the most experienced players. She is the engine of the team.
Alexandra Simon - the most flexible and all-round player, who can play every position. She also directs the offence well.   
Evelin Hotz - the steady point of the defence. She is an experienced player who organises the offence well too.

Teams in Group B:

Finland Women

Participations & Placements

WFC 2004: 2nd
WFC 2006: 2nd
WFC 2008: 3rd
WFC 2010: 2nd

#21 H. Uljua

#4 H. Arkkila

#20 M. Alila

Finland - The team is determinated and ambitious but still humble. The goal is to improve the result from the previous championships. Four of the players played in the 2010 WU19 WFC silver team.
Players to be noted
Henna Uljua - a skillfull and towering forward who plays for the league team PSS.
Hillevi Arkkila - a strong and attacking defender that has already gained some experience fromt the Women´s national team.
Mari Alila - a physical fighter that plays for the Finnish top club team Classic.

Czech Republic Women

Participations & Placements

WFC 2004: 5th
WFC 2006: 4th
WFC 2008: 5th
WFC 2010: 3rd

#93 S. Francova

#6 K. Vavreckova

#27 A. Bocanova

Czech Republic: The team consists of junior players who already have a big role in the women´s league in Czech Republic. This is one of the reasons why the goal is to win a medal.
Players to be noted
Sofie Francova- she has got an ability of deep concentration and great calmness that she can also transpose on the other players. She can drive the rivals into total helplessness.
Karin Vavreckova- she is a fighter that would rather fall dead on the pitch than loose.
Adela Bocanova- her ability to score unexpected goals and give gratuitous passes can win games.

Norway Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 2004: 6th
WFC 2006: 6th
WFC 2008: 6th
WFC 2010: 6th

#19 K. Eriksen

#15 S. Biseth

#15 H. Homble

Norway - The team has prepared for WFC and are now ready for the first face off. The goal is to succeed in the focus areas, such as physical fitness and endurance, to have stamina every second througout the championship.
Players to be noted
Kine Eriksen - a young and rising floorball star.
Susann Biseth - she has scored the most points for U19 women´s national team in Norway. 
Heidi Homble - a defensive player who has played matches for the women´s national team.

Poland Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 2006: 5th
WFC 2008: 4th
WFC 2010: 7th

#44 W. Noga

#9 K. Chestowska

#11 M. Stenka

Poland - A very aligned team that wants to fight for the best placements in this WFC. The aim is to show very good floorball and make a pleasant surprise   
Players to be noted
Weronika Noga - the best defender in the team who played already in the WU19 WFC 2010.
Katarzyna Chlestowska - a very versatile player.
Maja Stenka - the most experienced and successful
player in the team who has already played games for the women´s national team.

The B-division team presentations will be published soon!