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Decisive matches today in the Finnish men´s league – 02.03.2012

The winner of the Finnish men´s league regular season will be decided today. SPV from Seinäjoki is leading with one point over SC Classic from Tampere.

SPV plays against M-Team today and Classic is meeting Espoo Oilers. M-team should be an easy opponent for SPV, but like so many times before, let´s play the match before one starts to speculate. Classic against Oilers should be a very tight match. If Classic wins and SPV loses, Classic will be the winner of the regular season, but if SPV wins, they will win the regular season and be the first team to choose their opponent for the play-offs.

Last year´s champions, SSV, will finish 3rd and Oilers seems likely to take the fourth place of the regular season. In total, seven teams have  already secured their place in the play-offs:


The battle over the last spot for the play-offs is very close. There are 3 teams, Nokian Krp, Loviisa and Josba, that have 21 points and TPS has 20 points. Loviisa and Josba are playing aganist each other today, which increses the excitment of the match.

Follow the matches on-line from the Finnish League´s websites.