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Malans and Grasshoppers to semi-finals in Switzerland – 20.02.2012

Alligator Malans and Grasshoppers from Zurich made it to the semi-finals in Swiss Mobiliar league. Malans had their chance already on Saturday, but Köniz was able to win on Saturday.

Malans eventually won on Sunday and secured their spot in the semi-finals. Grasshoppers won Chur twice during the weekend and were also able to secure their place in the semi-finals.

Wiler-Ersigen on the other hand was able to win Grünematt twice during the weekend and now they are one victory away from the semi-finals. Tigers and Rychenberg both won one match and the next mact can also be decisive, since Tigers are now leading 3-2, but as seen earlier, play-offs are always full of surprises. 

Wiler-Ersigen and Grünematt will have their next match on Friday; Tigers and Rychenberg will meet each other on next Saturday. 

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