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WFCQ completely open after Singapore´s win against Japan – 10.02.2012

In day 3 of the AOFC WFC qualification Japan took on Singapore where Singapore was in need of a victory to be in the competition for a spot in the final round.

In the APAC tournament Iran had two shifts, to play both Australia and Korea.

Iran stood up well against Australia

In the first match of the day Iran played against Australia.

The match picture was as expected, a great dominance by the Australian team and a hard defence working Iran topped by good goalkeeping from Esmaeil Zeinoddini.

Australia took an early lead, Ronan Croft scored after 1:23, but couldn´t really get away in this match until half the period was played when four goals were scored in two and a half minute. 

Australia kept up the pressure in the 2nd period but managed to score only on power play, where three opportunities were used, giving them an 8-0 lead after two periods.

The third period was a lot like the 2nd Australia dominating but the Iranians continuing to make life tough. Four more goals were scored and the match ended as it started with a goal scored by Ronan Croft.

In the last match of the day Iran played its second, this time against Korea.
It was quite obvious that the match earlier today was still in the legs of the Iranian team but still they managed to keep the act together fo the full match that Korea in the end could win with 18-1.

Photo: Yoshiaki Ito/WFCQ 2012 AOFC

Singapore opened the WFCQ by defeating Japan

Japan and Singapore have a long history of even matches and this one made no change to that.

The first period was even, neither of the teams gave the other much space, although Singapore got 7 shots through to Takanori Nakagawa in the Japanese goal cage.
Two penalties each was all noted in the match record and the period ended 0-0.

A mistake inside the own goal area by a Japanese defender under pressure opened for Mohammed Hafeez Mohd Kassim to give Singapore the lead 1-0 after 5:15 of the 2nd period. In the stress after this Japan took a 2 minute penalty which Singapore took the advantage of and Yi Ru Tan increased the lead to 2-0.

Singapore got well paid for their better organized play in the period and had several possibilities to score but Nakagawa continued to play well.
Japan put up the speed in the beginning of the 3rd period and reduced at 2:45 to 1-2 when Keita Takahashi scored on a shot from the centre line. After the Japanese goal the intensity increased tremendously. Chances were given and taken from both sides in a furious tempo and when Singapore for once lost a bit concentration and Daisuke Watabe equalized for Japan at 14:04 the crowd went beserk.

At 18:48 Singapore was given a power play opportunity and only 11 seconds later Johnson Sivalingam scored the match winning 3-2 goal. Japan played the last minute with an empty net but did not manage to get to any real possibility of equalising the match.

The result means that the WFCQ now is a completely open story to be decided in the last match of the tournament.

Photo: Yoshiaki Ito/WFCQ 2012 AOFC