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Norway qualified, first victory for Spain – 04.02.2012

Norway qualified to WFC finals by winning Germany in a very exciting match

The home audience had really waited for the match Germany against Norway. Germany has never been able to win Norway and Germany has played in a flow the whole tournament therefore the anticipation was pretty high among the spectators. Team Norway also had a reason to be happy already before the match, because the Norwegian player Raymond Eversen was the first Norwegian Floorball player to reach the level of 100 matches in national team.

Despite the cheering and noisy home audience Norway was able to take 3-0 the lead after 12 minutes. Germany’s first goal was a penalty shot goal scored by Anrdeas Gahlert. Germany was playing defensive and that caused them some hectic moments every now and then in front of their own goal. Norwegians kept up the pressure and forced Germans to back up. Norway scored their 4th goal in the end of the first period.

Atmosphere was enormous in the arena with 688 cheering and shouting Germans supporting their own team. The roof of the arena was almost blown away after Germany scored their second goal.  Norway didn’t panic, but still they had their time out. Most likely the head coach wanted to cool down his group and tell them to take easy, since Norway was still controlling the ball and they forced Germany to defense.

Emotions were high also in Germany in this match and in the middle of the second period the rink reminded more an orient bazaar than a floorball rink. All the players were in the rink and they all had something to say to the referees. The coaches were able to calm down their players and the game continued and Germany was able to even the score in the end of second period and the third period should be a thriller.

Norway got a flash start for the third period and took 2 goal lead in 4 minutes. Germany also had their moments, while trying desperately to score and get even again. Norway’s experience started to carry out in the last period and Germans were left to wait for their first victory over Norway. By winning 9-7, Norway secured their qualification to the WFC Finals in December in Switzerland.

Best players:
Norway: Ketil Kronberg
Germany: Kristian Holtz


Spain took victory over France and crushed the hopes of France to qualify

France still had a chance to competet for the spot of the best third before the match started, but Spiain´s excellent performance wiped those hopes away. Spain won the match
 8-3 and took their first victory in the tournament.

Best player:
Spain: Steffan Peduzzi
France: Jerome Andermatt


Denmark took victory over Belgium but the road to the finals will be rocky for them

After losing to Norway yesterday, the match against Belgium would be very important for Denmark. The qualifying was not anymore in their own hands, since the match between Serbia and Italy in the WFC qualifications in Slovenia also had its meaning for the best 3rd team. Also Belgium had a mathematical chance to be the best 3rd.

One could really see the importance of this match, since both teams seemed to be really nervous in the beginning. No risks were taken and the game was really safe so to speak. Danish Stefan Hedorf was able to score the first goal for Denmark in the first period and they were able to increase the lead already to 3-0 in the second period.

Belgium found some new energy and speed and Michael Jonsson and Jonathan Chiau were able to score 2 goals in 14 seconds in the second period and Belgium was back in business once again. In the beginning of the third period it seemed that the Danish coaches had heard the result from Slovenia in the match Serbia against Italy, where sSrbia was able to win 6-2 and is struggling of the spot of the best third really hard.

Denmark should have been able to score a lot of goals in order to be able to receive the best 3rd spot, but the won Belgium by 4 goals and the final result was 7-3 for team Denmark and they have to do their best tomorrow against their last match against France.

Best players:
Belgium: Jonathan Chiau
Denmark: Stefan Hedorf



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