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Last European spot to be decided the last day – 04.02.2012

Going into the last day in Slovenia and day 4 out of 5 in Germany and Poland several European qualifying spots are set, or at least more or less set.

The first two spots were decided already yesterday when Estonia and Slovakia qualified from the European qualification 2 played in Slovenia.

In qualification 1 Norway and Germany seem to have a firm grip and with Russia having impressed in European qualification 3 it leaves the most excitement left to the spot as the best 3rd placed team.

This is still an open story that most probably will not be decided until the last match in Poland on Sunday when the home team takes on Hungary.

The teams still in position to be the best 3rd place team are in Germany; France, Denmark and Belgium, in Slovenia; Serbia (Italy still has a small chance) and in Poland; Poland and Hungary (from which one of the teams will be 2nd in the qualification – provided that Russia continues to impress, else also they are involved in the 3rd place race).

The calculation of the best 3rd team from European qualifications will follow this order:
1. Average number of points
2. Average goal difference
3. Average scored goals
4. Lottery drawing

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