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Germany and Norway victorious, France defeated Belgium – 03.02.2012

Germany defeated Spain and is now number two in the WFCQ EUR1 in Germany. France won Belgium 5-4 in the first match of the day

Today the match start was not so easy for the Germans as it was yesterday, but soon after ten minutes of the match they were able to score 3 goals in two and half minutes and that was a relief for them and they started to take control of the match. Spain fought back as hard as they could, but the beginning of the second period brought more goals for the team Germany.

Germans started to ease up and Spain used the opportunity immediately and scored a goal. That was a good reminder for Germany to fully focus on own game and they came back to play with the second goal of Manuel Mucha and Germany was leading 5-1.

Germany eventually won Spain 9-1 and started to get ready for the match tomorrow against Norway. The home audience is expecting and practically demanding a victory from that match and quite likely it will be an interesting battle.

Best players:
Germany:Joel Gysin
Spain: Enrique Gomez  



Norway took a clear victory over Denmark in the second match of Day 3

It would be very important for Denmark to win the match against Norway. Denmark was a clear underdog after their performance yesterday against Germany and Norway used the advantage from the very beginning of the match. Only after 2 minutes Norway scored their first goal and it seemed that the Danes were concentrating on other issues than the match itself.

Norwegians controlled the first period even though Danes also had their moments especially in the end of the first period, when they were able to arrange a huge hassle in front of the Danish goal, but without luck this time. When the situation was 4 to 0 for the Norwegians the Danish coach took a time out, but they still couldn´t break the Norwegian patterns. At that time one could almost hear the back spine of team Denmark break.

Norway could keep up the pressure and they forced Denmark to play defensive game. The Danes also had their moments, when Alex Jensen got the ball and he was alone with the Norwegian goalie, but he missed. From the rebound Steffen Jensen was able to shoot, but this time the goalbar saved the Norwegians.

Norway was able to increase their lead in the end of the second period with two power play goals. The Danish players clearly started to get frustrated and that also influenced their performance. Five seconds after the start of the third period Norway scored their eighth goal and only 1 minute later it was already 9-0. 

Norway took a clear 11-2 victory and made the life for Danish a bit more harder.

Best players:
Denmark: Kenneth Danielsen
Norway: Thomas Straete


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