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Important victory for Germany, Belgium defeat Spain in a thriller – 02.02.2012

Spain against Belgium turned out to be a real thriller won by Belgium 3-0.

Belgium was in a real merry-go-round with Norway yesterday and Spain fought really hard against Denmark. Both teams started the match with rage and there were no signs of surrendering from either side. Spain controlled the ball, but Belgium was still able to stick in their own game plan. After 10 minutes Michael Jonsson from Belgium weaved his way through the Spanish defense, but that time the Spanish goalkeeper Ivan Martinez Ortega turned out to be better.

Five minutes later Jelle De Sadeleer from team Belgium was able to surprise the Spanish goalie with a low shot from the distance and suddenly Belgium had the lead. After that Spain came in even harder if possible and the tight defense of Belgium kept the score 1 to 0 for them. Spain continued keeping up the pressure and they had numerous opportunities to score, but the Belgian goalkeeper was excellent and the defense also worked really well.

The fast counter attacks of team Belgium were really dangerous and after 15 minutes of the second period Belgium was able to increase the lead to 2 to 0 with an accurate shot from the distance by Thomas Ghilain.

Spain couldn´t find means to break the tight defense of Belgium and Belgium won the match 3-0, which was naturally a huge dissappointment for Spain:
- Maybe we were too sure that we would win and we basically failed in every situation we had to score, said Nicolas Prieto from team Spain.
- Now we just have to start concentrating on the next matches and forget this one, he continued. 

Best players:
Spain: Christian Peduzzi Fernandez
Belgium: Michael Jonsson 

Norway v France

The second match of the day was total control by Norway and they beat France 21-0.

Best players:
Norway: Sindre Bjerknes 
France: Manaüre Russo-Mendoza

Germany took an important victory over Denmark

The home audience had waited for the match between Germany and Denmark. The match was naturally very important for both teams and Germany got a real flash start, since at 1:22 Fredrik Holtz scored the first goal for Germany. That didn´t bother Denmark and they continued with their own game, but they couldn´t score even though they had few good spots for that.

After 13 minutes German Dominic Mucha had his opportunity and he didn´t miss and only seven seconds later Fredrik Holtz served a pass on a silver platter for Benjamin Borth, who had an easy job to shoot the ball to the net. 3-0 for Germany after the first period.

Denmark had big difficulties to find a way to stop the Germans and unluckily for them they didn´t succeed in that. Germany kept scoring and Fredrik Holtz was unstoppable. He was creating one scoring possibility after another and could even afford to miss a penaltyshot.

Denmark´s Kenneth Danielsen was able to score the first consolation goal in the end of the second period , but Germany punished Denmark soon after that by scoring their ninth goal. The rest of the match was merely a formality, since Denmark was already defeated and Germany took an easy looking victory 14-3. That was, without any doubt, very important for Germany and the loss put more pressure on Denmark for their match tomorrow against Norway. 

Best players:
Germany: Fredrik Holtz
Denmark: Niklas Juul Jensen

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