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Germany wins France, Spain difficult opponent for Denmark – 01.02.2012

Norway victorious in the first match in the WFCQ EUR1 in Germany

It was quite obvious from the very beginning of the match that Norway will control the match and Belgium will try to minimize the numbers. After 1 minutes and 22 seconds the Norwegians started to score goals. The only person in the Belgian team, who kept the team going was the goalkeeper Maarten Michiels with his spectacular saves.

9-0 stood on the scoreboard after the first period and that was the whole big picture of the first match in the WFC qualification EUR1 in Münster Germany.


The end of the game was more or less like a practice session for Norway and they were also able to use all the players of the team in the match. Raymond Evansen was the character of the Norwegian team by scoring 4 goals and assisting 3. The match finally ended 21-0  for Norway.

Best players:
Belgium: Jeroen D´heer
Norway: Raymond Evansen


Denmark v Spain

Denmark had to make a full days work to beat Spain

The second match of the day was supposed to be a walk in the park for Denmark, but Spain had decided otherwise. First period offered really fast and enjoyable floorball for the spectators. The Spanish were able to break the patterns of the Danes and that caused that the Danish player started to get nervous, when they should have scored.

A bit by bit Denmark was able to take the control of the match, but still the Spanish team was very dangerous especially with their fast counter attacks. Denmark was saved few times only because of the execellent goealkeeper Danni Jensen and naturally because of pure luck. After two periods the result was 5 to 0 for the Danish, but Spain had quite clearly decided to fight back as hard as they possibly could. The Spanish goalkeeper Ivan Martinez Ortega, who was awarded as the best player of his team, also made some dazzling saves.

The Spanish proved the saying, that one should never give up, to be right. They were playing their own game and didn´t give Denmark any kind of advantage. Spanish players challenged the Danish in every situation possible and they eventually ended up winning the duels and after 47 minutes the score was 6 to 2 for Denmark. Spain was controlling the game at that time. After that the speed decreased and Denmark won the very interesting battle

Best players:
Denmark: Niklas Juul Jensen
Spain: Ivan Martinez Ortega 


France v Germany

In the last match of the day the host team Germany played against France. Germany took a clear 12-0 victory over France. Read a full match report from the web sites of the WFCQ 2012 Germany

Best players:
France: Simon Riihelä
Germany: Dominic Mucha


 Find more information about the tournament here.   


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