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Serbia triumph in a hard fought game against hosts Slovenia – 31.01.2012

In the best match of the day, Serbia were victorious 6-4 in a passionate game against Slovenia.

Both teams traded goals in a tight match. The home team took the early lead with a goal that showed some good individual skill from Anze Burnik, but after Arian Banda scored with a shot from halfway to level the scores, Serbia never gave up the lead again during the match.

The spectators saw some great goals, none better than the one scored by Luka Casar at 45:22. With a lifted pass from Burnik, Casar hit the ball cleanly while it was still in the air, and his one time shot was directly in the back of the net.

The Serbian goalkeeper, Peter Novakovic, made some crucial saves in the last minutes of the game, especially during the last Slovenian powerplay. However, as hard as the Slovenian players tried they were not able to close the gap in the score, and the Serbians showed great delight in taking the victory.

Best players:
Slovenia: Luka Casar
Serbia: Alexander Milanovic


The scoreboard ended showing the same score as in the first game of the day, as Estonia became a strong favourite in the EUR2 group with an impressive 12-1 win over Italy.

Both teams have several players who play in Elite or 1st division teams in Sweden, Finland & Switzerland so the quality of the game was expected to be high. However, it was the Talme brothers, who play for Balrog in Sweden, that dominated the scoring early for Estonia. Kristian Talme scored three goals and Henrik Talme scored 2+1.

Italy played in a very tight defensive formation trying to limit the scoring opportunities from the centre area and forcing the Estonians to shoot from wide angles, but Estonia was able to confidently control the ball and were patient in their passing and shooting decisions. The superior individual skills of the Estonian players was well-reflected in the final scoreline but Italy are sure to prove a tough opponent for other teams in this group.

Best players:
Estonia: Kristian Talme
Italy: Daniel Tonegatti


In the opening match of the 2012 WFC Qualification tournaments, Slovakia were too strong for Netherlands in the EUR2 group, winning 12-1.

Slovakia forced a lot of mistakes from their opposition, applying a lot of pressure on the Netherlands which resulted in the majority of possession going to the Slovakians. They controlled the ball very well, and most of the play during the match was in the Dutch half of the court.  

Netherlands had few chances to score and most of their attacks on the Slovakian goal were individual breakaways. They were never really able to maintain any pressure within the Slovak´s defensive area and their only goal came from Sven Landmeter, in a second period powerplay.

Teams will need to watch out for the Slovakian captain and their best player, Juraj Matejka who proved to be a real danger near the goal, scoring five times in this game. He also showed a lot of confidence to use his zorro skills during general play and also in scoring from a penalty shot.  

Best players:
Slovakia: Juraj Matejka
Netherlands: Sven Landmeter

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