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Jenny Magnusson new assistant coach for the Swedish Women – 30.01.2012

The former national team defender has been appointed assistant coach of the Swedish women´s national team.

Jenny Magnusson had in 1990 - and 2000´s great success as a player in the IBK Lockerud and IBF Falun. She has played 55 internationals, won two World Championship golds (1997, 2003), won a national championship and played as a professional in the Swiss Capital Bern.

The assistant coach
agreement first lasts until the World Championships 2013, but the intention is, just like for coach Curt Söderström, that cooperation should be four years.

- We want to continually increase the seriousness and professionalism of our team.
Some of it is to hire our coaches so that we also act as a serious employer at all levels, says Swedish Floorball Association´s development and national team manager Emil Persson.

- I am very pleased that such players with so much experience from international floorball come into our team, the world´s best national team.
Jenny is a person who really spreads optimism into the team she´s in, always liked and respected by even the opponents, head coach Curt Söderström adds.

- I am grateful to have had the chance, not least to my employer that allowed me to use the time and say yes. The role as assistant coach is something completely new to me, and it was one of the reasons that I accepted the task. A major challenge for me, Jenny Magnusson (in photo) comments.


Source & More information: www.innebandy.se