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Team presentations WFCQ AOFC: JPN, SIN, AUS, KOR – 07.02.2012

The Men´s WFC Qualification for Asian and Oceanian teams is played in Surugadai University, Hanno-shi, Japan, 8th - 11th of February 2012. There are four teams in the AOFC Qualification playing for the qualification spots.

The match schedule and more information found from the IFF WFCQ AOFC website.

The qualification will be played in one group where the teams meet each other once. The two best teams of the AOFC qualification group will qualify to the Men´s WFC 2012 played in December.

Japan Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 1998: 13th
WFC 2000: 14th
WFC 2002: 21st
WFC 2004: 20th
WFC 2006: 16th
WFC 2008: 16th
WFC 2010: 15th

#5 T. Katena

#20 T. Akagami

#44 S. Nakajima

Japan - The team has many experienced players that have played international matches.    
Team Japan will fight to become the champion of Asia/Oceania    and aims to play in the WFC Final round.    
Players to be noted
Tomotaka Katena: He has played most international matches for Japan and as a fast player he can be used in both defence and offense.   
Takuma Akagami: a very skilled and physical player. He became the champion of the Japan Floorball league in 2011.    
So Nakajima: made a comeback to the Japese national team after a long time. He has a great passing ability.

Singapore Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 1996: 12th
WFC 1998: 14th
WFC 2002: 20th
WFC 2004: 19th
WFC 2006: 18th
WFC 2008: 15th
WFC 2010: 16th

 #24 E. Marican

#11 J. Sivalingam

#13 M. Shaharudin

Singapore - The youngest Singaporean team ever formed with an average age of only 20. The goal is still to be in the top 2 and reach the Final round of WFC 2012. 
Players to be noted
Enrico Elifh Marican: an effective forward that gathered 3+2 in the WFC qualifications 2010. 
Johnson Sivalingam: a defender that has experience from the international scene both from the Adult and U19 WFC´s.
Muhammad A. Shaharudin: a young forward (born 1995) making his first appearance on the international scene.

Australia Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 1998: 12th
WFC 2000: 15th
WFC 2002: 17th
WFC 2004: 18th
WFC 2006: 20th
WFC 2008: 24th
WFC 2010: 14th

#91 J. Stanley

#17 J. Rieck

#21 N. Moran

Australia - A good blend of experience and new up and coming players looking to gain experience internationally. Australia aims to be competatitive every time they go onto the court and ultimately wants to qualify.    
Players to be noted
Jacob Stanley: the goalie has quick reflexes and anticipates the game well.     
Joel Rieck: is the youngest player looking to gain more    
experience following on from the recent U/19 WFC in Germany.    
Nicholas Moran: is a quick forward who is rapidly improving, he is a creative attacker with a good goal sense.

Korea Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 2006: 26th
WFC 2008: 28th
WFC 2010: 22nd

#1 L. June

#8 J. Hong

#6 S. Kim

Korea - The Korean national team players are the leaders of Korea Floorball. They do lots of floorball introducing seminars to PE teachers and sports people. They are also the referees for all Floorball games in Korea. The goal is qualify and play in the Final round.     
Players to be noted
Lee Young June: the goalie that has 4 times received the best goalie awards in APAC. The best keeper in Asia.     
Jin Hyuk Hong: a smart and physically & mentally strong forward.
Seoung Ho Kim: a rookie forward making his first national team entrance.