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Teams in the Swiss Cup finals 2012 – 16.01.2012

The teams in the Swiss Cup finals are decided. In the Men´s final there will be a rematch of last year´s Swiss league finals. In the women´s Cup final there is a Zürich duel between Winterthur and Dietlikon.


In the Men´s Cup semi-finals Wiler-Ersigen defeated the Zürich Grasshoppers 8-5 and Alligator Malans won against Kloten Bülach Jets 7-3. 

The Cup finals are played in Bern on March 3rd 2012.

Men´s Mobiliar League Cup finals:
Alligator Malan SV - Wiler-Ersigen

Women´s Mobiliar League Cup finals:
UHC Dietlikon - Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur