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CB Meeting news 5/2011: IFF Athlete´s Commission elected – 08.12.2011

The election of the Women representatives for the IFF Athlete´s Commission took place during the 8th Women´s World Floorball Championships in St. Gallen, Switzerland and the IFF Central Board confirmed the decision of the voting.

Additional topics were the upcoming IFF Events and new IFF Competition regulations.

IFF Athlete´s Commission 2011-2013:

The WFC 2011 players elected three members directly and one member was elected by the IFF Central Board. The IFF following four women are elected to the IFF Athlete´s Commission:

The Czech Floorball Union re-nominates Magdalena Kotikova.

Magdalena is 32 years old and has played 6 WFC´s. She has EFC medals with 3 different Clubs (Tikkurila Tiikerit Silver 2006, HFK Dekanka Bronze 2008 and Tigers SJM Brons 2009). Magdalena is also the team captain of the Czech National team.

Kotikova was re-elected for the next two year period.

The Swedish Floorball Federation nominates Karolina Widar.

Karolina is 31 years old and is playing for Rönnby IBK. She has three WFC gold medals, 2 Nationals gold medals and has played 93 internationals. Karolina is also the captain of the Swedish national team.

Widar was elected as a new member.

 The Finnish Floorball Federation re-nominates Paula Jouhten.

Paula, 33 years old, has played on the highest level since 1995, being the team captain of Tapanila Erä III when they won the Finnish Championship in 2007, and in the Finnish National team 1997-2009. The career has also included some years in Swedish Clubs.

Paula has a doctoral degree (D.Sc. (tech)) in computational systems biology from Helsinki University of Technology and she received a highly competed post-doctoral funding from the Academy of Finland. She continues the Research Scientists career at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Jouhten was re-elected for the next two year period.

The Norwegian Floorball Association re-nominates Line Murtnes Hagestande.

Line is 24 years old and will play her 3rd Women´s WFC in St.Gallen. She also participated in the 1st Women´s U19 WFC in Tampere 2004 and has, at the time for the nomination, played 5 U19 and 28 Adults Internationals. Line has a Masters degree in Human Movement Sciences and a Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy. Currently she works as a Development officer at Norwegian Floorball.

Hagestande was re-elected for the next two year period.

Technical changes to the IFF Champions Cup & EuroFloorball Cup regulations

There will be some small changes in the IFF Regulations and for example the points system will be streamlined for the 2012 EFC and CC competitions. The new regulations will be published on the IFF Rules & Regulations web sites soon. There was also a proposal on the table of increasing the amount of players in the final lists of players in the national teams, but the CB decided to keep the current amount of 20 players.

Women´s U19 WFC 2012 Slovakia

The U19 WFC 2012 will be played in Nitra, Slovakia from the 1st to 5th of May 2012 with 14 teams. Canada and Denmark will play for the first time in the Women´s U19 Championships.

The winner of the B-division is promoted to the A-division and the 8th placed team of the A-division is relegated to the B-division for 2014. The schedule can be found from the IFF WU19 2012 website.

Men´s WFC 2012 Switzerland

The 9th Men´s World Floorball Championships is played in December 2012 in Bern and Zürich, Switzerland. The group games are played in Bern and Zürich and on Saturday and Sunday the final matches are played in Hallenstadium, Zürich. The ballot for the groups will be made during the Swiss Cup finals in March.

IFF has signed a TV agreement with the Finnish YLE for the WFC 2012. Read more here.

World Floorball Championships 2012 Qualifications

The WFCQ 2012 will be played in five separate tournaments in January and February 2012:
* AOFC: Hanno-shi, Japan
* Americas: Los Angeles, USA
* Europe 1: Zbaszyn, Poland
* Europe 2: Podcetrtek, Slovenia
* Europe 3: Münster, Germany

A total of 7 European WFCQ teams will qualify meaning 2 teams from each qualification + the best 3rd place team (result per match). A total of 2 AOFC WFCQ teams and 2 America WFCQ teams will qualify to the Final round. More information about the Qualifications found on the IFF web pages.

The minutes of the CB Meeting will be published soon on the IFF web page under Organisation and Meetings.