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Floorball played with passion video & the story behind it – 11.10.2011

The Hungarian floorball player Brigitta Balla recently made a new video, "Floorball played with passion", which has received a lot of positive feedback from floorball fans around the world.

Brigitta Balla (in photo) got the idea for this video in connection with a school project:
- I had to do a presentation for my English class and wanted to show why I love doing this sport so much. I started to watch videos and none
of them described the feeling that I have when I play floorball. So I made a new one. This is the story behind the video.


Brigitta is both surprised and thrilled for the positive response her video has received:
- I never thought that would happen. I just thought that I´m gonna upload and share the video and let´s see what people think. What can happen? The worst thing that could have happened is that no one would have liked it and then I would have deleted it. Then people started to write to me, like: what a cool video and such a great job etc. It feels so good, I´m very very happy about it :).

Anything else you want to add?
- Thank you everyone, who wrote to me, shared the video and liked it. Also thanks for everyone who inspires me as a floorball player. Best wishes to the Hungarian Women´s National Team for the World Championships. Go Girls! :) Love you all.

Have a look at Brigitta Balla´s Floorball played with passion video now also on the IFF Youtube channel: