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Upcoming Internationals – 09.11.2006

Men´s & Men´s Under 19 Internationals

The Four Nation’s Tournament, Euro Floorball Tour, gathers the top four Men´s national teams; Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic and also the Men´s U19 national teams from these countries under the same roof in Espoo, Finland. The Euro Floorball Tour is gong to be played in the LänsiAuto Arena, which provides excellent facilities for international matches.

Euro Floorball Tour 2006

Men´s Match Schedule:

10.11: Sweden-Switzerland
10.11: Czech Republic-Finland
11.11: Sweden-Czech Republic
11.11: Finland-Switzerland
12.11: Finland-Sweden
12.11: Switzerland-Czech Republic
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Previous results:
Sweden-Switzerland 4-4 (WFC 2006)
Czech Republic-Finland  3-6 (WFC 2006)
Sweden-Czech Republic 4-2 (WFC  2006 Semi-Final)
Finland-Switzerland 5-2 (WFC 2006 Semi-Final)
Finland-Sweden 6-7 (WFC 2006 Final)
Switzerland-Czech Republic 9-4 (WFC 2006 Bronze match)
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Men´s U19 Match Schedule:

10.11: Sweden-Czech Republic
10.11: Finland-Switzerland
11.11: Sweden-Switzerland
11.11: Czech Republic-Finland
12.11: Switzerland-Czech Republic
12.11: Finland-Sweden

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Previous results can be found here.

Finnish Floorball Leagues website
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Women´s Internationals

The Women´s Four Nation’s Tournament, Fortuna Cup, in Prague in the Czech Republic, is also going to provide tight matches of good quality for the spectators. The reigning champion, Switzerland, is going to be challenged by Sweden and Finland as well as Czech Republic. The tournament will provide information of the top teams current condition. These teams will also meet in the World Championships in Denmark next spring.

Women´s Match Schedule:

10.11: Sweden-Switzerland
10.11: Czech Republic-Finland
11.11: Finland-Sweden
11.11: Czech Republic-Switzerland
12.11: Switzerland-Finland
12.11: Czech Republi-Sweden
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 Czech Floorball Union´s website

Previous results:
Finland-Sweden 3-6 (World Challenge, Jönköping, Sweden)
Sweden-Switzerland 2-1 (World Challenge, Jönköping, Sweden)
Finland-Switzerland 1-4 (3-nation tournament, Lappeenranta, Finland) 
Switzerland-Czech Republic 5-0 (WFC 2005, Singapore)
Czech Republic-Finland 1-3 (WFC 2005, Singapore)