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International Club Matches – 17.10.2006

IFF has sent a letter to its Member Associations in order to remind about the new regulations concerning both friendly international and high level international matches for Club teams. These new regulations have been in charge since the 1st of July 2006.

Problems emerge when players are not licensed to play in the team nor do they necessarily have insurance. With this letter IFF wants to remind the Member Associations about the responsibilities they all share concerning teams attending international tournaments as well as to unify the procedure inside all associations.

Due to the large number of questions raised in this area, IFF now takes the advantage by making the following question to the Member Associations:

- How is your Association handling the international tournaments played in your country?
- How is your system built to check on teams participating in international tournaments abroad?
- How does your Association inform the organisers of international tournaments to behave concerning participants from abroad?

Read more about the letter from here.